Credit card repayment overdue three times will be pulled into the blacklist Fake! (video)-wegener肉芽肿

Credit card repayment overdue three times will be pulled into the blacklist? Fake! Stolen brush after the key to lose! You want the first time get to these critical evidence! Original title: personal credit records reserved for 5 years, the so-called black list does not exist overdue credit card repayment, the three will be pulled into the blacklist? A reporter asked: "credit deal" is a false message of personal credit records for 5 years, the so-called "black list" does not exist in the past few days, there is a called "the people’s Bank issued credit China Xinzheng message, widely circulated in Jinhua’s WeChat circle of friends. A lot of people in the forwarding time, said he had a credit card overdue, worried that they will be added to the blacklist". As of press time reporter, this WeChat’s reading has exceeded 100 thousand +. The WeChat said: "the original record for a period of 5 years to 7 years, and T+1, more than a day for continuous three times overdue overdue! Pull into the blacklist! There is a black list of airline tickets, rail tickets, hotel, mobile phone can enjoy! Children are not the key school ID card is! The problem is equivalent to cover a chapter, dishonesty will can’t do anything!! and the use and cherish!" said it looks even many banks in closely reasoned and well argued, people who work in the forwarding. In the end is not true? The reporter contacted the Jinhua branch of the people’s Bank of China shineford syndrome, and give the staff to produce the WeChat. The other said that this is a false message. Currently has not received a new deal on the credit document. Personal credit record is still retained for 5 years T+1 5 years ago launched the people’s Bank of Jinhua Central Branch of China credit department staff told reporters, because the fake news has to bring a lot of unnecessary public concern, the people’s Bank Credit Information Center China has for the first time by micro-blog for the rumor. On the new deal, this false news, do five responses. Among them, the bad information on the record of the preservation of life, the response is to write: "bad records will be on the date of your payment of arrears to save 5 years, after 5 years, the bad records will be deleted." Thus, the personal credit record is still reserved for 5 years, and did not improve for the past 7 years. And "t + 1", personal credit data is a credit information collecting method of personal credit system, in 2011 had been on the line. Not what the so-called "black list" to "Laolai" restrictions on high consumption of paper said: "even if more than one day overdue overdue, continuous three times will be pulled into the blacklist". In the blacklist of personnel, will not be able to fly, high-speed rail, stay in the hotel, even the phone can not be used. What is more serious is that children in the blacklist can not go to key schools". In response, the response said: this statement does not match the actual. Supreme People’s Court on the debtor to be dishonest, there is a clear requirement for dishonest debtor to limit high consumption. As prohibited by plane and train etc.. This is the joint disciplinary mechanism the Supreme People’s court and the central civilization office, the Ministry of public security, the SASAC, China CBRC, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, civil aviation bureau, China Chinese railway and other departments to establish cooperation. Whether it was identified as dishonest debtor, to consult the local people’s court. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public search.相关的主题文章: