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Love The possibility of having a long lasting relationship is one of the major reasons why people mostly go into marriage because of the security and .fort that .es with marriage. Marriage helps one to plan for the future and also maintain close family relationship even in the current situation where more than 50% of marriages contacted in the last two decades in the united states usually leads to divorce and break up, people are still getting married daily and more still want to join the institution with seen challenges and problems today. One is then force to ask the question, is marriage really worth it? The truth of the matter is that everyone wishes for a long lasting relationship and no one really wants to be alone. Everyone, even with the advocacy of human and individual rights, wish to have a long lasting intimate relationship with someone that they will love and value, that is just our normal human nature. We all craze for the warmth and security of an intimate relationship. Also the desire to be appreciated and accepted by someone due to our normal human desire, brought about by normal sexual attraction, not basically for sex but the inner desire to connect intimately with someone that will appreciate and value us make people to still go into marriage , not withstanding the challenges confronting marriages today. The challenges that people or partners face in marriages today is basically because people enter into marriage and relationships with their emotions, always thinking that things will work out well all the time .Partners will believe that their partners will always behave in the certain way they like or wish , forgetting that we are all humans , subjected to mistakes and errors and we are all meant to hurt each other at certain times in our relationship. When one does not have this proper understanding, one is bound to believe that all will work well and when it does not work that way, problems and challenges will set into the relationship. The key to any successful relationship is that both parties must be willing to make up their minds to work on their relationships to make the marriage work as marriage is the union of two imperfect persons, with different backgrounds and experiences and knowing how to manage the excesses of each other is the key ways of maintaining relationships. In relationships nowadays, there is love and acceptance when the other partner is meeting a certain level of .mitment. If everything in the relationship is going normal , the partners will enjoy each other .pany, overlooking each others troubling or annoying traits, .municate adequately, and still express affection. But when things are not going normally in the relationship, the ability or capacity to love each other and maintain a loving relationship will start dwindling and with time get sour. When each partners needs are not met, this usually causes hurt, which promotes defensiveness, which reduces the level of positive .munication between the partners , it heightens misunderstanding, provokes conflict, fuels anger and bitterness. If two parties do not know how to apply the principles of forgiveness and reconciliation with each other, the ability to love one another is partially or .pletely paralyzed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: