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Humanities It is hardly possible to live nowadays and to be not aware of van Gogh and his works’ existence. It is hardly possible to be a full member of a modern society claiming for some degree of competence in classical and modern culture and to be not familiar with some of details of van Gogh’s life and some of his major works. It is hardly possible to be enthralled by the best works of art and to be not entralled by the bizarre fate of van Gogh and his marvellous masterpieces. It is hardly possible to be a huge fan of van Gogh, be amazed by his incredible oeuvre and to be not interested in sources of his inspiration, his intimate thoughts about life, about death "" about art. It was for these admirers and researchers of the Dutch genius that the English version of correspondence between Vincent and Theo van Gogh was made available on the site. Brothers were writing to each other during 18 years "" they started their correspondence while in their teens. It ended only with Vincent’s death in 1890. Approximately 700 letters have survived to our days, most of them are by Vincent. Providence provided us with the unique insight into the everyday life, inner thoughts and creative laboratory of one of the greatest artists ever to live. This collection of letters is not just a vestige of brothers’ good disposition to each other -they passionately cared about each other. Theo was rendering a substantial material help to Vincent throughout his life. After Vincent had retired from "Goupil&Cie" art dealers’ agency he was left without means of sustenance. Theo was sending him money, clothes, painting materials "" everything to enable his brother to devote himself exclusively to painting "" Theo never doubted his brother’s talent. Vincent in his turn was really concerned about his brother’s moral and aesthetic development. In his letters he quoted Bible, English and Dutch poets, analyzed classical and modern works of art, speculated about painting and poetry, enumerated his famous artists and gave advice to Theo what books to read and what pictures to see and to reflect on. They talked "" in their letters "" about views on life, moral principles, and so on, and so on. In these letters one could see not only an evolution of van Gogh’s life and art principles, but also the development of his certain works. About 300 of his paintings he discussed in his letters to Theo, and in some cases he enclosed to these letters even the original drafts and sketches. That fact is of course of extraordinary significance to van Gogh’s scholars. But van Gogh’s letters are interesting not only to high-browed audience, but also to an unprofessional who saw "The Starry Night" or read some biographical account "" even the most dull recounting of the artist’s life could amaze "" and decided to know something about the inner life, the philosophy and the feelings of the man whose genius has produced such a terrific piece of work that was not duly appreciated in his time. In order to help these non-specialist admirer of van Gogh’s talent the authors of .vangoghpaints.. have devised a dictionary containing definitions of art terms, short biographies of artists and writers, brief descriptions of localities and explanations of obscure words used and mentioned in the text of the van Gogh brothers’ letters. You read the letter, see the unknown word or realia and if it is underlined you may point a cursor on it and read the short definition of the word in the pop-up window. If your gnostic enthusiasm was not satisfied you could proceed reading the dictionary article devoted to the chosen word by clicking the "More Info" link. Articles usually start from the most basic information about the phenomenon mentioned and then continue with more detailed definition and its relevance to van Gogh’s life or work. It is hardly possible to imagine oneself in a skin of man of such a tragic fate and such a sublime talent. But it is may be possible to get a slightly better "" but anyway, better "" understanding of his life and work by reading his letters to maybe the most important person in his whole life "" his brother. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: