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Travel-and-Leisure People are be.ing environmentally conscious everywhere. As the GO GREEN movement gains momentum the world over, everyone is looking for a way to make their contributions and show their affinity to the cause. People of the Garden City, so attuned to the voices around the world with its high global exposure, take the good of the environment quite seriously. If you are also of the same mind, this is an innovative way to voice your concern! Say yes to eco-friendly marriages when booking your wedding halls in Bangalore. Have you ever heard of anything like this before? If not, it’s time to make a start with your own wedding. Eco-friendly invitations You can always use recycled paper for sending invitations to your near and dear ones and for all other purposes nowadays there is something called the email! No cutting down of trees at least to help your guests make an appearance on the Wedding Day. Use of plant-based inks and handmade paper are also great ideas. What’s more, you’ll be making a great style statement as these are quite unique and special. Floral decorations Flowers are an integral part of Indian weddings so when it .es to decorating the banquet halls in Bangalore you cannot forgo this part, can you! The good news is; no one is telling you to do it too. Flowers are wonderful decoration items, which you can easily .post, reuse, or recycle. Local florists can help you to decorate with easily available flowers because store bought blossoms signify long-distance shipping. So, if you can go for hand-picked wildflowers, nothing could be better! Transportation Transportation is a big part of any wedding celebration, as many times people need to travel long distances in different vehicles to reach the venue. This wastage of fossil fuel can never be good for the environment, can it? For a green wedding, opt for carpool instead. Ultimately, your guests are going to enjoy, as they will have lot of time to catch up with each other and chat on the way to the wedding halls in Bangalore. Picture perfect Taking memorable pictures is one of the main parts of the wedding arrangements. You take your time to select the photographer, who has experience and the best angles. For a green wedding stick to the digital versions of the photographs only because, printing again signifies waste of paper, which you don’t want in this kind of eco-conscious celebrations. You should discourage cameras that are single use. Eco-friendly attire This is the latest fad among environmentally conscious people. So when you are taking your time to fix all the aspects of your banquet halls in Bangalore arrangement why ignore this crucial part of the marriage celebration! Wear dresses made with organic fabric and women can always go for vintage dresses instead of purchasing new ones. Bridegroom should opt for an attire made from Khadi, peace silk or organic cotton. .e; .anize an Eco-Wedding with Wedding Halls in Bangalore, today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: