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Careers-Employment As a freelancer, you work with different people everyday. And, because of your amazing skills, you always receive a lot of business cards and referrals. And because you don’t have a metal business card case, you usually stuff them in your pockets or the book that you are carrying at the moment. Most of the time, some of the cards that you insert in your book be.e dislodged and you end up losing them while the cards that you stuff into your pockets turn into mush after laundry day. Regrets .e In The End It’s a shame to lose such important contacts. Losing them is equivalent to missing out on opportunities that might further your career. Of course, you may be a believer of fate and associate such situations with deals that are just not meant to be, but what if you’ve actually missed an opportunity that could’ve been meant to be, had you kept the calling cards safe in metal business card case? At the moment, it’s difficult to say. But, leaving your future to fate can lead you to a lot of regrets later on. Taking Control of Your Own Fate Sometimes, you shouldn’t leave the direction of your career in fate’s hands. There are times when you need to take control. This is one of them. You should invest on a metal business card case in order to keep your cards intact. You’ll never know which opportunity is worth taking until you give each contact person a call in order to ask about his or her offer. And, because you are able to take note of all the available offers, you will not miss out on anything and have the opportunity to choose a project that will better your career. Don’t Be A Snob! As a freelancer who needs a certain amount of projects to get by, you should value all your clients. The projects that you might not be able to do now may be your bread and butter in the future. Also, showing your clients that you appreciate their input and referrals can definitely forward your career. Keeping the card in a well-.anized metal business card case will show them how important your clients are to you. Stuffing a business card and leaving fate to dictate whether or not you’re going to call a prospect will make you appear snobbish and arrogant. Because the prospect may end up waiting for your call, you will seem inconsiderate. And, if you continue to do this, you will have a list of unsatisfied clients that you haven’t even begun working for. Try it! Depending on your existing clients to call you whenever they need you isn’t the way to go. You may have a fantastic track record but relying on that alone and not bothering to find new clients will definitely put a dent on your career as a freelancer. You need to further your career by making yourself more accessible to the people who need you. So, it’s time for you to find a metal business card case that would suit your style. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: