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Why Travertine Pavers Are The Foremost Choice When Beautifying Residential Premises Posted By: Travertine Warehouse Travertine is more than just a beautiful natural stone material. Through the years, it has become a sought after choice paving material for high-end properties. In fact, it adds great value to residential properties not only in terms of face value but in terms of its actual market price, as this material allows for extra durability, weather-proofing, and additional safety for residents. Travertine pavers are commonly used around pool and patio areas because they have the unique ability to stay cool even in extreme heat. Unlike other materials lie cement and masonry (bricks), travertine doesn’t readily absorb heat, keeping the area cool and a lot friendlier to your feet. With a high friction coefficient, travertine also maintains anti-slip properties, which many pool owners look for in a pool deck material. Travertine is also a longer-lasting material as it can withstand erosion and weathering without deteriorating. In fact, it is believed that travertine improves and increases its strength with age. Moreover, its natural colors don’t fade easily over time, retaining its vibrancy and beauty for decades. Travertine is a hard-wearing stone, as evidenced by historic buildings made primarily out of the material that are still standing to date.

travertine Louisiana Travertine Pattern: Ancient Stone Of Historic Beauty Posted By: Travertine Warehouse Travertine is a gorgeous natural stone material derived from limestone. A type of metamorphic limestone, travertine is the middle-form of limestone and marble, with limestone being the youngest of the natural stones in the same family. Travertine is about 50 million years old, while marble takes 100 million years to form. Limestone materials are commonly used around the world and travertine is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, primarily because of its weather and temperature resistant properties. Travertine is featured in many historic and well-recognized buildings around the world, among the most notable of which is Rome’s Colosseum, which is primarily made out of the natural stone. Travertine is known for never getting hot. This is largely because of its lack of metal content. In addition to its weather-proof and temperature-resistant properties, travertine also has a high friction coefficient, giving it strong anti-slip properties even when it is wet. According to studies, travertine has also been found to be twice as strong as concrete. Travertine pavers are as natural as you can get. They are found in abundance in different parts of the world.

travertine Louisiana Marble Paver: An Elegant Way To Fortify Exterior Spaces Posted By: Travertine Warehouse One of the best natural stones from the limestone family, marble makes the perfect choice of paving material for your outdoor spaces. They can transform your old, boring patio into an inviting haven with their natural beauty. An excellent material that can help fortify and make your exterior spaces more attractive, marble also boasts extreme durability and longevity, lasting twice to five times as long as other types of paving materials. Marble is a metamorphic rock that results from regional or contact metamorphosis of sedimentary carbonate rocks like dolostone, limestone, or old marble. This metamorphic process results in a total re-crystallization of the original rock, thus creating an interlocking mosaic of aragonite, calcite, and/or dolomite crystals. The pressures and temperatures that form marble usually destroy the sedimentary textures and fossils that were originally present in the originating rock. This results in pure white marble. The swirls and veins of colored marble varieties are a result of the various mineral impurities within the stone, such as iron oxides, sand, clay, silt, and chert, which were originally present in the grains or layers of the original limestone or rock.

travertine Louisiana Marble Pavers: Perfect Stone For Your Pool Deck Posted By: Stone-Mart Travertine

travertine florida French Pattern Marble The Perfect Element To Add Durability To Your Floor Posted By: Stone-Mart Travertine French Pattern is a popular design choice for laying pavers or tiles. Not only does it add grandeur and elegance to your indoor and outdoor walkways, but it also adds durability thanks to its unique geometric arrangement that keeps the tile tightly in place for longer. The pattern was most frequently used in the renaissance period. Also known as the Versailles Pattern, this arrangement is notable in the Palace of Versailles and other iconic Roman structures, which is why it is also commonly referred to as the Roman Pattern. Your home or commercial space doesn’t have to be built during the Renaissance to achieve the same elegance as these iconic structures. Today, quality marble and stone materials are widely available in the market to help you get the same sophisticated look in your home or business building. The French Pattern used to be a cumbersome and expensive style to accomplish, but thanks to modern equipment and the abundance of appropriate materials in the global market, those who want to up the value of their home or property using unique flooring and pavement styles can do so more easily.

travertine florida Enrich Outdoor Flooring With Travertine Pavers Posted By: Stone-Mart Travertine New constructions today are all for sustainability, original design, and edge, which is why more and more property and building owners are on the lookout for higher quality materials that will not only set their building apart but add resale value to their overall structure. One material that is growing in popularity for outdoor use is travertine. Compared to cement pavers and similar types of products, travertine pavers make a safer, more elegant choice, especially for pool decks. Unlike cement, travertine doesn’t absorb and retain too much heat, keeping your feet cool during summer. This is only one of the many advantages of this material over other traditional options. Travertine pavers are made out of natural stone. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, making them easy to mix and match to create an eye-catching, original look. Travertine pavers are exclusively designed for constructing outdoor paving, such as in pool decks and patios. They offer a unique, natural look because they are cut directly from pure, natural stone, using complex, natural, and environment-friendly processes. Their unique and special look sets them apart traditional materials like brick and cement pavers.

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