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Business Fuel prices are increasing day by day. So from a normal man to a big industrialist are going through this anguish. The high cost of Fuel is a top concern for fleet managers, and the price difference between oil and gas seems to be rising. People are taking different ways to save fuel. But for the industrialist there is one proper system that can save your money by saving fuel that is called FUEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. FUEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM are designed to control & manage the fuel consumption to the FLEET, RAIL & AIRCRAFT industries. This system employs various methodology and techniques to Track and identify fuel inventories, fuel purchases and fuel dispensed Fuel management system Provide factor of a card base system. That includes refueling services and onsite delivery of fuel. Mobile fuel management unit (FMU) operates like the island of fuel. .FMU can also be downloaded by direct PC connection, wireless .work, telephone line, cell modem, Fuel Management includes wireless RFID technology & Tank gauging equipment for security to fuel dispensing equipment and Opti-MIM.This is called the integrated fuel management solution. They include prudent method that can use remote data collection to congregate specific technical tidings about the vehicle performance features such as mileage, operation hours and idling time of engine. Fuel management is facing another challenge that is increasing use of Bio Fuel… With greater water content there will be a threat of microbial growth that depends on the storage conditions that leads deterioration of the quality of the fuel over time, That leads to loss of productivity and clogged filters. Fuel Management system focus on delivering cost savings and improving business processes to the customers. AFHL offer the latest in modern fuel management& modular inventory management solution technology. Our Opti-MIM system is a cost effective, modular inventory management solution, wherever and whenever you want it. Opti-MIM system is a dynamic fuel management system, it enables one party developed products to be easily integrated to the other party fluid management System. It offers web clients so that customers can track & Place orders through inter.. For More information: – Fuel management systems 相关的主题文章: