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Sports-and-Recreation Golf is about golf swing. To master golf swings, you need to master the pre-swing basics. Mastering golf swings begins with proper setup and adequate mental preparation for the game. In addition to mastering golf swing techniques, maintaining your balance throughout the swing is important. Proper balance is contingent on correct position of your hands on the club, the correct contact between the face of the club and the golf ball, and the correct body alignment to the target. In other words, the pre-swing basics hold the key to golfing success. These golf fundamentals must be mastered, and practiced one at a time until they be.e second nature to you. Remember, spontaneity is important to your golfing success. To master golf swings, you must be able to perform each fundamental without thinking. The pre-swing basics which determine your golfing success are proper posture and correct body alignment. In your golf swing, your body position not only enhances your turning motion but also maintains your body balance, both of which are critical to getting the perfect golf swing. Your proper posture may lead to better ball contract and more consistency in your golf swing, resulting in greater distance of the ball. A proper posture means your spine should tilt forward from your hips, and the back of your head should be in line with your spine. To achieve this proper posture, stand tall, keeping the back of your head in alignment with your spine. Your legs should be slightly flexed but locked. The weight of your body should be evenly distributed on the balls of your feet, both the target and trail side. Your feet should be shoulder-length apart. Line up your underarms with the insides of your feet for proper posture throughout the golf swing. Your arms should hang down loosely from your shoulders, approximately one-hand width away from your body. Keep your chin up and away from your body as you turn your shoulders during your golf swing. It is important to stay in this position or posture while you make the full swing. That is why you need to practice each of the above golf swing techniques until they be.e natural to you, and you can perform without thinking. Correct body alignment is the second pre-swing basic you need to master in order to master golf swings. Look at the target, and identify your target line, which is the imaginary line between the golf ball and the target. Stand immediately behind your golf ball and determine the target line by identifying a spot on the ground that falls along the imaginary target line, but within 10 feet of the golf ball. Now, you position your clubface such that the leading edge of the golf club is perpendicular to your target line. Place your body in a position parallel to the target line you have identified. If you have proper posture and correct body alignment, your clubface should be lined up directly at the target and your body is parallel to the left of the target. This setup ensures you have the potential to execute a perfect golf swing, assuming that you have a correct grip of the golf club and that you have also mastered golf swing techniques. Golf is a simple game to play, but difficult to master. Golfing success is not easy, but not impossible to achieve. Practice until you master golf swings. Copyright (c) 2009 Stephen Lau About the Author: 相关的主题文章: