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Babies-Toddler Travel strollers are a common purchase for new parents. A color-coordinated stroller and tiny infant car seat carrier is appealing to budget-conscious and style-conscious parents alike. Many parents complain about bulky travel system strollers or hard-to-use car seats once baby arrives, though. Before you buy a baby travel system, consider how you will use the travel system stroller and car seat to be sure you’re buying a travel system that works for you and your new baby. When buying a baby travel system, you must choose the car seat first. While strollers add convenience, the car seat will keep your new baby safe in the car. Narrow down your choices quickly by selecting travel systems with car seats that fit tightly in your vehicle and that you can easily install and use. Look for 5-point harnesses on infant car seats, and check to see whether or not you can install the car seat without the travel system base, in case you need to switch vehicles quickly. Travel strollers are the ideal ones for traveling as they can be folded easily. Even if you are gong for a long drive in car these baby strollers are very useful as they can be used both inside and outside the car. When shopping for a baby stroller keep in mind for what purpose you will be using it. Most of the baby strollers are though compact and light in weight but they are not the same as stroller. For the infant the stroller are again the best. Some of the strollers are the heavy ones like that of the pram that can be used in the rough road and meant for long walking. Another worthy of mentioning type is the jogging baby strollers, which are meant for the parents who go for jogging or walking with the baby. Though these infant jogging strollers are light in weight but they are not meant for using it in the shopping. In these jogging strollers you can find wheels of different sizes. The Englacha Rider is an innovative kiddy board that turns your carriage or stroller into an imaginative and fun ride for your toddler. The stroller rider makes those long walks through the store much more enjoyable for both you and your toddler. Simply let your toddler stand on the Englacha stroller rider and ride along between you and your baby. The stroller rider can significantly reduce the distance between you and your wandering toddler. The Englacha Rider can be attached to most strollers and carriages. Its recommended for toddlers age 24 months and up. Englacha Stroller Rider is High quality 45mm rear tube construction. Englacha stravel stroller adds convenience for those long walks with baby. Its Easy to install and uninstall. And dimensions: 17 in. x 13.3 in. x 6 in. Englacha travel strollers weight: 3.0 lbs. An innovative and uniquely ingenious design that allows the top to be turned, and the small child to extend its view to all four sides when sitting in the pram. It allows the child to face the rear of the pram, thus facing its parents, or to face forward so as to look around. The seat can also be positioned sidewards to the travelling direction. It is very practical, and so very easy and user-friendly. With just a few twists of the wrist is all it takes to turn the seat – the child still in it – in all four directions. Neither safety, nor stability is ever endangered in the process. The Englacha is built to accommodate both the parent and the child. It is its very purpose. Travel stroller is adjustable Handlebar, Bumper, Leg rest and Seat recline (multiple positions to flat). Its comfortable seating space – width 33CM x depth 24CM. The total weight is 34.10 lbs (12" Air Wheel). One car seat adaptor fitting car seats of Graco, Evenflo, Britax, Baby Trend, Peg Perego …… etc. Peg Perego was able to pack a lot of convenience features into 34.0 lbs with the Englacha stroller. This stylish, lightweight baby stroller even features a rear footboard that allows a second child to ride. The Englacha stroller also has a universal car seat whip that allows any infant seat to be attached to the stroller. With a washable seat, carrying handle, height-adjust handles, large basket, swing-open child tray and reclining seat, the only downside to this stroller is price (nearly $299). Travelstrollerstore is a newcomer in the stroller industry, but this company is quickly becoming known as a winner for easy-steering, well-built strollers. The reclining seat makes this stroller suitable for babies 3 months and up, and the generous 55 pound weight limit means you can easily use the Solo Sport through the toddler years. A large basket under the seat can hold plenty of baby and parent gear. The adjustable foot-rest is nice for long-legged toddlers, too. If you need a stroller for an older baby or toddler, the Travelstrollerstore is a great choice. This stroller does not recline, so it’s not suitable for babies who need to lay back, but that’s the only drawback I know of on this stroller. An adapter is available so you can use the Maxi Cosi Mico infant seat with this stroller, though, increasing the useful life of the stroller from newborn through toddler. Now you can carry all of your baby accessories easily and fashionably in the Englacha Nursery Bag which matches the Englacha baby stroller. Englacha II Foot Warmer for Runy, Lany, and Tomi, Strollers by Englacha. The Englacha Foot Warmer will keep your child warm while in the cold weather. Made of polyester and fleece and it attaches to your Englacha stroller. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: