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Arts-and-Entertainment * Runaway inflation could lead to barter economies. In Zimbabwe, the inflation rate has climbed more than 2 million percent, causing Zimbabweans to use gasoline coupons as a makeshift currency. Similar barter schemes may be expected in other nations if hyperinflation takes hold. – Tomorrow in Brief, Nov-Dec 2008, p. 2 valetine’s Day links of london sale * The world’s lender nations must learn to borrow. The world economy is out of balance, according to economist Martin Wolf. If the global community wants to avoid future recessions, it will have to move from having a few large-scale debtor nations toward having an equilateral flow of capital. The United States will have to borrow less, while other nations should become open to more U.S. loans. – World Trends & Forecasts, Mar-Apr 2009, p. 7 Links of London Charms * Ammonia may become the fuel of choice for cars by 2020. As a candidate source for hydrogen used in fuel cells, ammonia (comprising one nitrogen and three hydrogen atoms) is plentiful, easier to liquefy than methane, and emits nitrogen rather than carbon, thus having fewer negative impacts on the climate. – J. Storrs Hall, "Ammonia, the Fuel of the Future," Sep-Oct 2009, p. 10 * Engines running on compressed air may cut energy costs. Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories say that compressed air energy storage facilities (CAES) could help relieve the world’s energy woes. The air would be driven into the underground geological formations during low-demand times. Several U.S. utilities are considering building CAES. – Tomorrow in Brief, Nov-Dec 2008, p. 2 Charm Bracelet * The next big trend in car design will be the solar roof. Solar-powered cars never really caught on, but solar cells on the tops of cars, working in conjunction with fuel cells, may be the next big thing to hit the automotive showroom. Already the Volkswagen Space-Up Blue concept car, the independently manufactured Aptera, and the Fisker Karma feature optional solar panels on the roofs of the vehicles working with, or in the place of, lithium-ion batteries. – Ken Harris, Feedback, Nov-Dec, 2008, p. 4 Links of London Bracelet – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: