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List-Building There are many ways you could use to build your mailing list – even if you are a newbie. Here are 8 easiest ways to build a list when you are just starting out on your online business: 1. Write a series of articles on any topic and include some relevant and useful tips in each article. Then, submit them to major article directories. In the "Resource Box" of each directory, include some brief information about you as the author as well as the service you are providing. Also, include your URL so readers could click on it to go to your website. 2. Let all your family members, friends, colleagues, clients and acquaintances of your new venture into articles writing. Invite them to sign up for your ezine subscription, if they want. In your invitation to sign-up email, be sure to attach one of your best articles as sample. If they like your article, chances are, they will sign-up to get more. But remember not to sign them up without their permission. 3. Add a sign-up box on your home page as well as on all other pages of your website. This way, you make it easy for them to fill in their name and e-mail address to subscribe to your free ezine, no matter at which page they are on. 4. Provide a free download in the form of a report, article, or ebook to new subscribers. This will entice them to sign-up to your list. 5. Ensure your signature file at the bottom of your email has your website URL. This is a great way for you to lead people to your website after they have read your email. 6. Submit your articles to various ezines for publication. In fact, many ezines are looking for fresh contents and they will be glad to publish yours once they have approved them. The resource boxes of your published articles will re-direct the readers to your website, and this will generate additional traffic for you. 7. You can do a Joint Venture (JV) with a fellow Internet marketer. This Internet marketer be.es your JV partner and will send your articles to his or her list, and in return you send his or her articles to your list. This gives an opportunity for both your subscribers and those of your JV partner’s to signup into each other’s list. 8. Get professionally designed business cards with details of your online business, a catchy tagline of the service you provide, and your website URL. Carry the cards with you everywhere you go and give them out at every opportunity you get, for instance at celebratory events, sports meets, on vacation and even when grocery shopping. You will never know when your card could lead to an interesting conversation and ultimately a deal. Bear in mind that list building is a time consuming endeavor. Implementing the above strategies, whether collectively or selectively, will help you churn out a larger mailing list in a relatively shorter period. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: