80% Japanese to China Have an ulterior motive – political overtones of Sohu News survey pretty rhythm

80% Japanese to China? Have an ulterior motive – political overtones in Sohu news in Japan can be seen on the streets Chinese elements. Japan’s cabinet every two years to conduct a public opinion on the diplomatic investigation, a certain number of people to investigate the feelings of the people of some countries and awareness. This year, the Cabinet Office published a survey of public opinion polls show that the proportion of Chinese people did not feel close to the Japanese reached 83.2%, compared with the previous survey in October 2014 increased by 0.1, and high. Although the Sino Japanese summit in November 2014, the Sino Japanese relations seem to be signs of improvement, but from the perspective of the number of public opinion surveys, folk feelings do not seem to be changed. Japanese love I have read China classical results of the Japanese people’s favorability for Japanese friends, some people said: "this reflects only a small part of the phenomenon of Sino Japanese relations, if the public opinion survey projects share some fine, for a form of questions, such as the Chinese culture, Chinese. How, then may result is not the same." This has some truth, if the Japanese in the Chinese classical culture is close to the investigation, then the percentage of the number should be quite high. The Japanese not only the "Three Kingdoms" is also keen to read, "the art of war" for commercial activities. Japanese media sources have told the author that all the answers to life in Sima Qian’s "historical records" can be found in the. In a sense, some classical Japanese use Chinese may have more than some Chinese. With the political color of the survey of Japanese public opinion polls, the general is the cabinet office in the country to extract 3000 adult men and women as the object of the interview, the number of people to make an effective answer is about 50%. Perhaps the number is not enough to represent the idea of all japanese. Interestingly, although there are 85.7% in this year’s survey respondents believe that Sino Japanese relations are not good, but 73.3% of respondents believe that the development of bilateral relations in the future is very important, considerably more than that of Sino Japanese relations is not an important proportion of people (22.5%). And that the importance of Sino Japanese relations are mostly 20-40 years of age. This is a critical piece of information, but most of the media are ignored. Most Japanese media only focus on the "Japanese feelings of deterioration in China", the analysis is simply attributed to China in the diplomatic, economic, military and other fields of behavior. Chinese fishing boats into the East China Sea Fishing coral, China maritime surveillance ships to patrol the waters around the Diaoyu Islands, China airport built in the South China sea…… Japanese media rendering China will soon invade the atmosphere of japan. It can be said that the Cabinet Office of public opinion survey concluded with a political concept of color, how much reflects the will of the Japanese government. The government of the people’s feelings is not good "as an excuse. The biggest reason for the Andouble regime’s security bill is to defend the threat from a "big neighbour". There are many aspects of the Sino Japanese relationship between the five aspects, which are reflected in politics, economy, culture and individual communication.相关的主题文章: