8Shijiazhuang demolition of the cottage interior decoration luxury such as the Palace – the new netwo|Shijiazhuang demolition of the cottage interior decoration luxury such as the Palace – the new netwo

Shijiazhuang demolition of the cottage interior decoration luxury such as the Palace – in the new network yesterday, Shijiazhuang, Hebei copy version of the Sphinx building was split, the body of the first separation. The building has been prepared by the dispute, and by the Egyptian heritage sector complaints. The reason for the demolition, the park has yet to respond. Suspected of being Egypt’s antiquities department complaint again yesterday, Shijiazhuang Great Wall Tourism television animation creative park, a number of workers is removed cottage "Sphinx", its head and body has been separated, respectively with blue bezel and black gauze enclosure. Local villagers said that the Sphinx before the Spring Festival this year was split, suspected of being the Egyptian heritage sector to the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization. In this regard, the building area and the construction side yet to respond. It is understood that the "Sphinx" began construction in 2014, about 20 meters high, about 60 metres in length. The construction of the park is responsible for the person, the construction of the use of film and television shooting, not a tourist attraction. That year in May, the Egyptian heritage sector has complained to the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization. Egyptian heritage department chairman Ali said that if the construction of the Sphinx is intended to make movie entertainment, in accordance with international conventions, the construction side must notify the Egyptian side. Ali says copycat version of "Sphinx like" details of the deal with the original big gap, affect tourists understanding of Egyptian antiquities original appearance, but also directly affects the income of tourism in Egypt and several film and television industry. According to the media quoted a number of Egyptian officials, said the words, Egypt, Egypt and China coordination, hope that the Chinese side to make compensation, or to remove their own. Luxury building interior decoration, such as the construction side of a staff member in an interview with the media, said the construction of this statue is not a malicious cottage Egyptian cultural heritage, but the convenience of film and television drama. "This is only the scene of the film and television drama, there is no other use, there is no charge of a penny". Shijiazhuang Great Wall Tourism television animation creative garden relevant responsible person has responded by saying, this is filming of the scene temporary, disposable, filming on the removal of. There are media exposure of the building interior image, such as luxury interior decoration. "Used to be a visit to the inside to, just repaired without money and later intermittent received money, controversial off after." Local villagers said, now can only see part of the head. Yesterday, creative park, the relevant responsible person said, television all city construction are used for shooting movies, Sphinx like since the construction has been controversial, and had been complaints, after completion is rarely used for shooting, for its internal structure is not clear. In addition, after its completion attracted a lot of tourists, according to its understanding, there have been spontaneous villagers to charge fees. – experts say such copycat behavior difficult from a legal perspective to solve study of China’s future tourism branch vice president Dr. Liu Simin, protection of cultural heritage are two international convention: in 1972 the United Nations education, scientific and cultural organization of the world cultural and Natural Heritage Convention on the protection of and in 2003 the protection of non material cultural heritage of the Convention ". The "Convention" in 1972 focused on the material nature of the "cultural heritage"