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9 the cost of mobile phone battery used you caught several lead: today, intelligent mobile phone function more and more powerful, for people, it is not only a tool of communication, but one can be put in the pocket of a small computer. Increase in the use of time, the battery life is also increasing demand. Always feel that the battery is not enough to use? It is very likely that these 9 habits are a waste of electricity. (source: YOKA men’s network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! 1, playing the game is a big consumer, I believe many people have this experience, play a game, the phone will become very hot. Because the battery in hard work, but when you play the game, the electricity in no deadlines. After 2, social software with WeChat’s circle of friends, many people will unconsciously open mobile phone from time to time to look at, and frequent brush circle of friends, WeChat, micro-blog and so on, but also a power consumption behavior. 3, the screen brightness is now more and more mobile phone screen, watching videos or playing games super cool. But in addition to the behavior itself in the cost of batteries, the screen brightness also determines the speed of power consumption, the brighter the screen, the faster the power consumption. Can adjust the screen brightness, not only can protect the eyes, but also save electricity. 4, open the Bluetooth to connect a lot of intelligent peripherals, often need to open the Bluetooth function. Sometimes disconnect, forget to turn off Bluetooth, Bluetooth function is still secretly consuming electricity. So, when you don’t need Bluetooth, turn it off. 5, location services where now do not need to know how to walk, you can check the mobile phone, and the positioning feature phone map app is a very practical design, but this function will also secretly consumption in the background, even if you don’t use the map, as long as the open location services, it will automatically refresh, and electricity consumption. 6, listen to the music for the music fancier, listening to music is an indispensable part of life. The smart phone in a wide variety of music software can not only provide music, or hidden battery consumption. 7, Snapchat play those garish and various functions such as app, Snapchat can not only take pictures, you can also use the location service, so it is not only the camera positioning service will power, power consumption. 8, social software information push a lot of social software will be installed when you ask whether you want to open the notification service. And from time to time information prompts and push, but also in the invisible consumption of electricity. 9, watch the video to see the video alone, certainly electricity whizzing fast.   相关的主题文章: