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90 girls in the sales organization in Sichuan Mianyang police 10000 – rescue Beijing new network in Mianyang in November 2, (Yang Yong Jiang Xulin) reporter 2 from Sichuan Mianyang police that, in the New District of Fucheng City Public Security Bureau police station with the help of soap, because in Yinchuan city are up to 20 of Yu Tian’s 19 dens pin old girl Chen rescued home.. In October 16th, Chen’s parents and teachers to the city of Mianyang Fucheng District Public Security Bureau police station said the new soap: little Chen Yu has yet to return in September 30th to leave school. In recent years with the country and more female students were abducted, killed, detained and other serious incidents, new soap police immediately organized elite police started in-depth investigation. The survey interviewed for several days, Chen before missing mobile phone number in Yinchuan city and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region frequent contact, and the mobile phone signal from the Xingqing District of Yinchuan city issued. The Chen’s parents said its going to Shanghai workers did not match the information. After verification, October 21st, new soap police and Chen’s parents, teachers to set foot on the train to Yinchuan. In cooperation with the local public security organs, the police through the uninterrupted two day investigation, learned in October 1st when the underground train after Chen with two men in the city of Yinchuan, near the train station in the hotel, and one of the men had been involved in the marketing of Yinchuan City Public Security Bureau to combat. October 22nd to 25, the police and Chen’s parents and teachers in a row has removed Yinchuan city together with the local public security organs high streets and back lanes, and continuous end off more than 10 MLM dens. The police also according to the law of life in MLM every day, every morning 7 points to 9 points were Mopai visits in Yinchuan city to find Chen Lijing Hubei gate, Zhongshan Park, Baita Lake Park area. But did not find traces of chen. The police and Chen parents to discuss, let the parents and teachers in the city of Yinchuan, Chen had may appear in every corner of the posted missing person, and suspected cheating Chen’s mobile phone number to send text messages, phone calls, inform the public security organs have been around to track their whereabouts. Then, the new soap police again in cooperation with the local public security organs, and destroyed 4 dens mlm. At 16 pm the same day, the police at the train station in Yinchuan city found chen. According to Chen, in August this year, she was surnamed Xu met on the Internet, and talked about friends with him. "". At the end of September, Xu Chen went to Yinchuan city to "play", which know the train is Xu and peer control, forced the so-called "financial concept of learning". They also use violence and intimidation to prevent them from going out to control their personal freedom. At present, the relevant personnel have been surveyed in Yinchuan City, Chen was brought back to the police in Mianyang new soap psychological intervention, counseling. (end)相关的主题文章: