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A cold for two weeks did not slow Yoga Lin down into the hospital drips of Yoga Lin drying out photos of Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the singer Yoga Lin [micro-blog] previously issued a new album, a series of promotional tour and performances around also let his body too much, 13 evening, Yoga Lin suddenly drying out the photos on social networking sites. Is the hospital, so many fans are very distressed. But Yoga Lin was a member of the China Institute record also said that Yoga Lin is close to the cold for 2 weeks, despite continuing to see a doctor, but because the work of busy itinerary, symptoms never slowed down, only the sick cast notice, but now he has to go home to the fans, don’t worry. Yoga Lin 13 evening in the face of writing: should be too tired, the doctor felt a bit better. Really, it’s much better to take pictures." And every day he also faces many challenges the fans shouted: "let’s work together! Come on. The charged and the sleep, but after a bit he enclosed photos, let the fans very worried, have a message to him to rest, there are people to ask the teacher to his sister Hebe[micro-blog], "how busy period in the promotional activities, can maintain health and strength?" Worried about his health. He belongs to the China Institute record said 14, "V cold for a while, before the doctor, but because of busy itinerary, so the symptoms still did not slow down, because he continued with a new album," today "business publicity, attend some activities offer, and held at the same time," THE GREAT YOGA "concert tour so, the body is tired." Because this week will hold a concert in Xiamen, Yoga Lin in order to make their own adjustments to a better state, so hurry to go to the hospital for intravenous drip, and now feel a lot better, to fans do not worry.相关的主题文章: