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A Guangdong girl doctor cardiac arrest heart staged Shengsishisu – Beijing, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Feng West intern correspondent Wang Haifang to spend even this is a continuation of life and love. In September 12th, the Zhongshan University Sun Yixian memorial hospital ward, 23 year old Dandan (a pseudonym) very happy smile. Who would have thought, life and death of a "race" — two weeks ago the young girl smile just experienced, suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy Daniel once the occurrence of cardiac arrest, after a doctor struggling to rescue, she saved a life, but must be a heart transplant she can continue to live. In the vast sea of humanity, to find a heart to extend the life of the girl, which may need a miracle. However, the miracle did happen! 12, the reporter learned that the experts at the Zhongshan University Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital is really to Daniel had a heart transplant success! A 17 year old boy died due to brain tumor of the heart, was successfully transplanted to Daniel in dying, she changed a healthy heart, let another young life could be extended. This is the first heart transplant surgery performed at the Zhongshan University Sun Yixian Memorial hospital. The young girl is "in the heart" 23 year old Daniel from Jiangmen, young lost her mother, suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy, therefore, all the time, she grew up in the guardian of his father and brother. However, the family worried about things finally happened. In recent years, Daniel often feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, after a number of hospital visits, have been told not to treat. Not long ago, Daniel came to Zhongshan University Sun Yixian Memorial hospital. Two weeks ago, Daniel was cardiac arrest after an emergency rescue, the doctor let her wake up, however, revived Daniel further deterioration of cardiac function, blood circulation is difficult to maintain, may happen again in danger. After full discussion of the expert group, decided to Daniel the implementation of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) blood circulation to maintain life support, daniel. However, the maintenance of ECMO can only be a few days time, if not timely heart transplant, the optimistic and cheerful young girl will lose their lives. However, where to find such a heart? In no fruit after a hard moment, fortune favors the daniel. On the ninth day of ECMO’s life, when she was almost ready to give up, she finally waited for the heart! It is a 17 year old boy died after brain tumor surgery, the families are willing to donate their organs. Thrilling heart surgery this is a life and death race "". In September 1st, second days in that there is a suitable donor heart, the hospital set up a heart transplant team, made a full deployment for possible problems in the operation, ready to implement the operation for daniel. At 7:30 pm, Daniel was admitted to the operation room. On the one hand, Daniel began to receive anesthesia, on the other side, there have been a doctor quickly to get donor. At 8:45 PM, the donor heart is delivered on time, hospital cardiac surgery and clinical professor of medicine, Yixian cardiothoracic surgery Zhongshan People’s Hospital professor Zheng Junmeng and Zhongshan University)相关的主题文章: