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A diagram to understand the global robot venture capital market Panorama: from the factory to the family of Sina Technology News Beijing time on August 25th morning news, the U.S. market research firm CB Insights statistics since January 2013 to complete the equity financing of the more than and 80 robot startups, including Chinese companies figure. From the workshop to the family, the robot’s demand is increasing gradually, instead of some workers, some as a medical assistant, and as this is not the only one chef and security — various applications. Despite the recent highlights of the focus in the field of industrial automation — many countries including Germany, Chinese, America and Japan, have become the top market — but the consumption of industrial robots and service robots also sparked the interest of investors. Service robotic company Savioke this year, just through Intel capital and Northern Light Capital A $17 million round of financing to get Venture. Startups and required the Chinese humanoid robot may even become a unicorn. Dot & Dash children’s education robot manufacturer Wonder Worshop through the famous venture capital CRV and other investors to complete the B round of financing. CB Insights uses its own database to find out since January 2013 equity financing of the more than and 80 robot startups, most of these companies have been supported by Vc firm. The following are some investment highlights: — Chinese humanoid union brother joined in July 2016 the robotic company brutism column, with a $1 billion valuation of $100 million B round of financing, investors including Hongkong investment bank, CITIC Securities International Stone Investment and CDH investments. Prior to the company had received $1 million 390 thousand through Indiegogo chips. A total of 8 industrial robotic company in the year to complete the equity financing, including Japan’s LifeRobotics, the United States Seegrid and China’s Li Qun automation. The biggest one is the financing of medical equipment start-up company Auris Surgical Robots $149 million 600 thousand, supporters are Lux Capital and Mithril Capital Management. Consumer robots, including social entertainment robots, home cleaning robots, desktop robot arm, etc.. The statistics included 8 consumer robotic company, including China and A.I. Nemo as required, and the science and technology, and Rokid company with offices in the United states. Personal traffic startups 9 robots and even the acquisition of the United States Segway, but also from Sequoia China and millet received $80 million in financing, in January this year, also received a Intel capital investment. Social robot startups Anki in the second quarter of 2016 through Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, JP Morgan chase and Two)相关的主题文章: