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A married woman posing as 90 young executives cheated more than 70 Chiqing – Beijing [Xinmin new report]? "90" married mother posing as teachers, in meeting business executives, with the rapid development of the relationship, to win the trust of the victim, with all sorts of reason cheated more than 70 yuan rmb. Recently, the Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin reporter learned from Qingpu police department, the public security organs, uncovered fraud, arrested the suspect yang. In March this year, from Jilin Yanbian Park, in a business, at the site of the accident met claiming to be "strict slightly" the woman, the woman introduced to Mr. park he is "90", as a teacher of life in the new town Qingpu District in a kindergarten, and wealthy father, operating in Hangzhou logistics company. The name of several sets of real estate. Stylish appearance, stable work, well-off family, the obsession of the park’s "Bai Fumei", after leaving Shanghai, frequently by WeChat to keep in touch. One to two to 2 people, and soon developed into lovers, while immersed in love, but Mr. park is beginning to feel "Miss Yan" is not so simple. Originally, one day in mid April, the "Yan slightly" suddenly told Mr. Park, because the relevant leaders to please the Education Bureau dinner service, need 30 thousand yuan, and gave Mr. park a "Kindergarten" account, asked Mr. park to direct the money to hit the other accounts as "service charges". In the face of the lover’s request, Mr. Park did not hesitate, the day will be 30 thousand yuan through WeChat, bank transfer to the other side of the account. Let Mr. Park feel Speechless is the "strict slightly in the life of" one after another "unexpected encounter". "My father’s illness, gastric cancer surgery requires 100 thousand", "aunt in a car accident, 100 thousand", "kindergarten activities to buy Wenwan 70 thousand", between April to June this year, "Yan slightly" by both lovers, for various reasons to Mr. Park "borrowing" 11 times, totaling more than 70 yuan. Until the "strict slightly" for themselves to sell cars, this Mr. Park finally turned to the public security organs. Qingpu Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment after receiving the report, quickly suspects arrested "Yan slightly". Through the strict slightly around the circle of friends to carry out an investigation, investigators found that strict slightly, said the identity of the kindergarten teacher is its fiction. Originally, the 31 year old suspect Yang Department of Shanghai workers, parents are at home farming, father good health, did not suffer from disease, nor under the name of real estate, and Yang has been married. After the interrogation, the suspect Yang explained, because can not find work, often hiding in all places of entertainment. In March this year, met the victim after the accident, the victim to win the favor, then use "false identity and victim of intercourse, Yan slightly" and "strict slightly" false identity to write a loan certificate, and had stolen money from the victim being squandered. At present, the suspect Yang suspicion of fraud by the Qingpu police criminal detention according to law. The case is under further investigation. (correspondent Qin Gang Xinmin Xinmin Evening News reporter Dai Tianjiao)相关的主题文章: