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A week E car on the | Dong aunt Venice "repairer dream", but the market growth trend has been wait for her Sohu car after a week of precipitation, the new energy vehicle market is what had happened? E car sinks in the launch of the week will launch a week E car review column for you to sum up last week, the new energy automotive circles have what important information, and with the shortest text comments. Allows you to spend the least time, fast get new energy vehicles’ growth diary"! Welcome to our attention for a long time, and put forward valuable suggestions for our column! Dong Mingzhu resigned as chairman of GREE group, GREE cars "abortion" recently, a "notice concerning the removal of Comrade Dong Mingzhu, the text shows Dong Mingzhu in late October was removed from the GREE group chairman. Reporters learned from the Zhuhai SASAC, the notice is true, Dong Mingzhu is no longer working in the GREE group, GREE chairman and President of the future and only the legal representative. The evening of November 11th, GREE’s latest official position as follows: after today, Dong Zong no longer serve as chairman of GREE group, the news came out, causing a lot of media attention, the unified reply: Thank you friends of the press attention, Dong Zong of the relevant provisions of the state and I would resign based, GREE Group Chairman, still continue to serve as GREE appliances chairman and President, focus on promoting the development of GREE electric appliances. This is a normal change in the work, Zhuhai SASAC will also support the general work as in the past! Quick assessment: shishinanliao, last week in the GREE car also raise a Babel of criticism of the event, this week will be broke so big news, just by Dong Mingzhu himself acquired silver long new energy plan was shelved, and the future of GREE to enter the new energy automotive industry may also very little. Shanghai 5 cities will pilot the issuance of new energy vehicle in November 8th, China public security traffic management work meeting, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Security Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Huang Ming said at the scene, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Ji’nan, Shenzhen became the first pilot city, and unified license plate synchronization pilot selection system. According to reports, compared with the ordinary car license plate, the new energy vehicles in the license fee, the licensing authority (provincial, District, city code abbreviation and code) unchanged, the number increased by 1, such as the original "Beijing A· × × × × ×" upgrade to "Beijing A· × × × × × ×". After the upgrade, numbering more scientific and reasonable, not only to avoid the heavy and ordinary vehicle license plate number, can meet the demand of new energy vehicles in the future growth, but also conducive to the accurate identification of the vehicle at high speed. Quick assessment: as the owner is concerned, the plate style replacement is not large, but in the future of new energy vehicle development perspective, plate change means that the new energy vehicles will be managed independently, paving the way for a good growing environment. In October, sales of new energy vehicles, Beiqi collar相关的主题文章: