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A young man raped beauty night breaking and entering 4 years for the newspaper news (reporter Liu Zhisong correspondent Cui Jing Guo Wentao) Fengqiu man Li Tang coveted young beauty in the village, after a quarrel with his wife, in turn people rape wall, breaking and entering implementation, and walked along the woman’s hand machine. November 2nd, the reporter learned that the Fengqiu County People’s Court of first instance to rape, sentenced Li Tang to imprisonment in four years and six months. The villagers Li Tang has lived in the age of 40, busy busy farming, slack life. The evening of April 13, 2016, he was working back home after a quarrel with his wife, his wife left home just disappear without a trace. Li Tang thought of the beautiful young woman Zhang Li village, Dunsheng evil. In the middle of the night, over the wall into the home of Zhang Li Li Tang. The first of its home switch off, then pry open house door, wire will be sleeping in the Zhang Li bound, and the implementation of the rape. Li Tang fled the scene before the regeneration of greed, on the table of a mobile phone to go along. Zhang Li alarm, Li Tang was arrested Fengqiu County Public Security bureau. Identified by the Fengqiu County price authentication center, Zhang Li stolen mobile phone price of 420 yuan. Li Tang said after the arrest, Zhang Li began to covet beauty about half a year ago, the idea of sexual brewing for a long time. The court held that Li Tang violated the will of women, forced sexual violence and sexual relations with women, his behavior constituted the crime of rape. According to Li Tang of the facts and circumstances of the crime, pleaded guilty to repentance, in accordance with the "criminal law" the relevant provisions of People’s Republic of China, Li Tang was sentenced to imprisonment in four years and six months. (the names are a pseudonym) source: plain evening news editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: