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According to the law to do so to raise money to preserve and increase the value of – Sohu comment life money, some people call the pension fund. This title reflects the public’s cherished attitude towards the public funds. 25, a spokesman for the Ministry of human resources and social security, said the pension fund investment operations, said, will ensure the safety of the premise, so that the people’s livelihood money really get value added". According to reports, issued in the last year, the basic old-age insurance fund investment management approach, based on the relevant departments set up a working group to develop the relevant programs, is actively and orderly field to promote the work. All sectors of the community to raise money into the market is very sensitive and attention, in fact, is not difficult to understand. On the one hand, in the current old-age security pension is still the key conditions, the quality of life level, many of the elderly life savings but also for children’s education, housing, marriage, if life money a little mishap, who could not bear it; on the other hand, the capital market also let the person have amidst the winds of change worry, worry about "pension money market" will encounter the uncontrollable risk. In this regard, the relevant departments to formulate a nuanced market plan, including the entrusted investment contract, custodian, review, and local specific docking, fund development plans etc.. It can be said that the pension market in the world, is the choice of most economies, in fact, basically achieved the goal of increasing the value of. At present, out of the ratio of capital market and the mode of operation, are reflected in the cautious attitude of the decision-making, the risk interval in a controllable range, this need not be overly worried. What’s more, the scientific and rational investment portfolio in the capital market is sure to win the price increase, so as to avoid the "life money" self shrinking. From the economic point of view, the pension itself is the future realization of the current income of workers, but also reflects the obligations of mutual support between different generations of workers. In contrast, the capital market "bonus" nature of financial products yield, the pension market earned income is capital gains. In other words, the reason to let the life money into the financial market, the purpose is to allow workers to share capital gains. Therefore, the "pension money market" not for the other, only to let the work life of earned value for money, a reasonable value, and finally realize the compensation system of labor capital. Understanding the capital operation of the pension at this level is sufficient to realize the common prosperity of the system. It is also a judge on this level, we need to call again in accordance with the law due diligence, prudent operation of each purchase and redemption, rational assessment of each round of asset allocation. In a more long-term perspective, the healthy development of China’s economy in the medium and long term, is an important support for the success of the pension market. Extended, and pension related real estate, medical services and other areas of social education, such as the elderly, should also share the dividend of China’s economic development. Pension related industries investment, with a broad market space, will be matched with the rate of return, which in turn promote universal pension social consensus. When we gradually realized that the pension is not one-way相关的主题文章: