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Advice box placed under the camera, who would dare to report? Original title: camera views of the box can only be reduced to the furnishings by Xie Weifeng recently, a netizen in the micro-blog bid, Shaanxi Hanyin County Land Bureau at the gate of the County seventh steering group two learn a camera mounted on the side of learning education for box, camera range is at the suggestion box. All personnel to the box when the opinions are exposed to the monitoring. Central broadcasting network (November 6th) this opinion box is for the two learning to do learning and learning to grasp the real, effective and set. Many units in order to strengthen the "two learn to do" learning and education targeted, will set up a. It is not to let some people anxious and fearful of the Commission for discipline inspection teams to reflect the situation, put forward the suggestion box, the views of the masses is unlikely to suffer the person take revenge. Hanyin County Land Bureau staff also said that there is indeed a camera next to the box, but the camera is installed earlier than the views of the box. As mentioned above, the camera and the box can only be judged to appear in a space. On the advice of now is an impressive and deep talk, take revenge, but the masses under the camera settings suggestion box has a problem, the relevant departments must not be blind and deaf. The original intention of the establishment of the opinion box, is to collect public opinion, unimpeded views, not to display. Therefore, where to set up, the surrounding environment, it is necessary to cross the brain. Although the various units around the situation is different, but the total is roughly the same, is to avoid the unit surveillance cameras or too obvious place to protect the privacy of informants. The Commission has notified Shanxi County Public Security Bureau, the 2 reported cases of 2 cameras near the county and the Complaints Bureau alignment provincial inspection group set up, the masses have great reaction. This example shows a suggestion box, box to report received gas, to the point, not "stealing", but "private custom", the most important thing is to have independent and undisturbed. This way who knows, how would this unexpected and unwanted camera? Hanyin County Bureau of Land Bureau reply to this is a unilateral consideration of the convenience of the masses, did not take into account the factors of the camera." This reply is clearly contradictory. The masses to convenient delivery, even if there is no "take revenge", but in the camera all-weather "attention", will inevitably be deterred. In the course of time, opinion box with the dummy, become the eyes of the blind, deaf ears. Be open box also was absolutely empty, some leaders may? "Criminal law" the 254th stipulation: "the staff of state organs, for breach of privilege. The complainant, the complainant, criticism, retaliates against or frames up, two years of fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention." This is the legal protection of the opinion box. But in the implementation level, there will always be some yaoezi. Recently, reports have not changed the Wangwang snow cake luck people busy, not personal data have been exposed? This is not installed under the premise of the camera. Thus, more to give advice to a sense of security, this is not to say it. Editor: Wei Wei相关的主题文章: