After the corn market to meet the new Pathfinder pains ssdao

After the corn market labor to meet the new Sina Pathfinder fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The 2016 planting risk awareness and optimize the structure, Northeast China and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region corn temporary storage policy adjustment for the "new market mechanism acquisition + subsidy". The 8 year implementation of the corn storage policy farewell to the stage of history, the corn market from the "policy market" to "market". This year is the first year of corn market, the market will be what kind of change? Futures Daily reporter on September – 27, with the big business in Heilongjiang in the fall of agricultural products into the main grain producing areas in the investigation conducted in the fall of 22. "Sit on the grain sold" on the Kang "the end of the era of corn moisture of your family, small grains, mildew is also high, you don’t go back!" Northeast corn trader Li Juan said to the woman Zhang xing. "You can take it, we have ten Shang, you earn a little, I also lost a little less." Li Juan said while wiping tears. "I do not want to close, mildew is so high, I received not sell. This year is the first year of corn market, the current price is not optimistic. This is not something you can do with tears." Zhang Xing persuasion. Li Juan has been crying, and refused to leave. This is the futures Daily reporter encountered in the investigation of a scene on the way. The Li Juan family belongs to the early maturing varieties in maize, the reporter during the investigation has been harvested, and pulled down sales point to sell, but it didn’t work. This scene is not Li Juan want to see, nor is Zhang Xing want to see. The price of corn this year fell badly, scattered corn market, early high quality water, slightly worse has become the industry consensus, but the price of "Ge You paralysis" down is in fact a lot of people expected. Black soil in Northeast China in late September, corn, soybean and rice fragrance, Fangyanwangqu gold everywhere, but Li Juan’s mood is like clouds like the pressure she can not breathe. A few Shang corn, poor quality, can not sell it, for she is undoubtedly sunny thunder. Reporters in the next few days, the survey also found that this year, the new grain prices have been unable to change the fact that farmers are injured. "This year, corn lodging serious, harvesting costs will increase 40%, corn production is a foregone conclusion. Although the cultivation of corn subsidies, but also to no avail." Suibin Hegang farm farmer Li said. At the same time, purchasing and storage policy reform is the corn farmers market. In the past, the farmers in the northeast "sit on the grain sold" on the Kang, and Yield Planting Farmers’ behavior is simple — high, water can reach the national standard, is willing to accept the temporary storage of corn, do not have to consider the market variety, quality requirements. But now, this approach does not work. They used to grow corn, but now they are worried about growing corn. An agricultural expert told reporters that the reform is not done overnight, it takes time to verify, also on相关的主题文章: