Agency net sales amount doubled environmental protection and PPP concept cooling tsumori chisato

Institutions sold a net to double the amount of environmental protection and the concept of PPP cooling of the Securities Times reporter Tang Qiang in September 8th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange billboard data shows, day 12 stocks appear in figure, institutional investors appeared to sell a large area of the net buying of 3 consecutive trading days the trend was however only. On the whole day, the agency to buy 136 million yuan net, sold a net $392 million. Mechanism of sharp sell-off in Bohai shares the specific point of view, Macro, Beijing new building materials, textile materials, Tianshan Guangxin 4 stocks appear net buying, net purchases amounted to 60 million 600 thousand yuan, 51 million 840 thousand yuan, 23 million 380 thousand yuan and 170 thousand yuan. In institutions sold a net, net selling agency shares, Ropes Kim, Chi red technology, Gansu power investment, electricity supplier, Bohai Xinhua Kam, the shares of 7 stocks, a total of 12 institutions appear to sell. According to billboard data statistics, related stocks suffered institutions sold a net total amount of 392 million yuan, the previous trading day sold 198 million yuan increase, selling amount up 102%. It is worth noting that the evening of September 6th, Bohai shares have been disclosed in the announcement, with a wholly owned subsidiary of coastal water industry and environmental protection Jiacheng composition, identified as water treatment in Lulong county and other municipal engineering project bid PPP supplier, the total size of the project investment of about 2 billion yuan, the recent investment of about 1 billion 742 million yuan, the long-term investment of about 258 million yuan. Bohai shares, said the smooth implementation of the PPP project, will have a positive impact on the future performance of listed companies. Obviously, Bohai shares the project just fit the current market focus on speculation the concept of PPP, 7, the stock opened it straight to the daily limit, the relevant parties clear signs of Strike while the iron is hot. Duanchao. In September 8th the transaction, Bohai shares in early trading Gaokaiyue 4 percentage points, the rapid turnover of amplification, but then the stock shock down; after midday, when there is no obvious involvement of funds, Bohai shares sharply higher, hit a daily limit; finally, the stock closed up 5.66% all day long, the price reached 25 yuan shares above. From the September 8th billboard data, Bohai trading strength gap obvious, hot money to participate in a small amount of chase, while institutional investors are momentum behind the high. Among them, the first five seats before the buyer to eat into the total of $88 million 730 thousand, while selling seats to sell more than $two hundred million, only two agencies to sell $137 million to expand to nearly 3 days to see, the total agency to sell shares of Bohai $237 million. From September 8th, trends in the capital, according to billboard data show that hot money continues to over cautious, the main focus in the Mongolian grass ecology, Gansu power investment and other related hot stocks. From the brokerage business department bought a net, net buying before three operating portions of Soochow securities Suzhou North Street business department, GF Securities Wujiang Zhong Ying Road business department, CITIC Securities Guangzhou Linjiang Avenue business department, there are stocks involved in Mongolian grass ecology, Han Jian Heshan, Gansu power investment, pine shares and other stocks. Among them, the former two business department are not selling, buying, both were bought 82 million 530 thousand yuan and 81 million 410 thousand yuan; and CITIC Securities Guangzhou Linjiang Avenue business department is to buy two transactions, 1;相关的主题文章: