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Health Exposure to airborne chemicals in your home can cause a variety of symptoms such as burning eyes and noise, headaches, light headedness, nausea, and sometimes vomiting. And even though you would never knowingly bring products into your home that could cause these problems, sometimes you find yourself out of control with what’s in your home. Here are 5 answers to frequently asked questions that will help you reduce the number of airborne chemicals to which you, your family, and your pets are exposed. What kinds of products will help reduce airborne chemicals? Look for certified organic and green products. These products are held to a very high standard and avoid the use of chemicals in the manufacturing and production. Ask about these products when you are planning any kind of home make over using paints, flooring, or carpeting. These products may cost more, but they are well worth the price in return for their easy to live with qualities. Another easy first step towards this end that you can begin to do the next time you go shopping is to select products without fragrances including laundry detergents, deodorants, cleaning products, and even air fresheners. How can reduce the paint smell from our newly painted apartment? The smells are filling your home are from volatile organic chemicals that are able to evaporate so easily into the air. There are paints available on the market now that have low and even no volatile organic chemicals and leave none of the smell that you are experiencing. Short of moving out until the chemicals have .pletely evaporated, an air purifier designed to remove chemicals would help the most as well as providing the most immediate solution. How can we get rid of the smell that our new bedroom furniture is causing? You can move the furniture out of your home and into storage or a garage while it continues to off gas whatever chemicals were used in the manufacturing process. Often these can be chemicals are in the varnish, adhesives, or even the wood. Moving your furniture out may seem like an over the top solution, but if breathing the fumes make you ill, getting it out of your home is the best solution. How can we make sure our nursery is chemically free for our newborn? Take time to consider every product that you introduce into the nursery and your home. Make sure that the products you choose from furniture to baby wipes contain the least amount of chemicals. Opt for eco-friendly and .anic choices for paints, rugs, upholstered fabric, wallpapers, and linens that you plan to use. Use a HEPA filter to filter the air in your home and your baby’s nursery to eliminate airborne chemicals that are there but less obvious. Can anything be done about new carpet smell? If you have not already had the carpet laid, you can request that they let the carpet off gas for a week or so in the warehouse before they install it in your home. You can also request that the pad be tacked rather than glued. Choose carpet that is more environmentally friendly and uses less chemicals and synthetics in the manufacturing process. If your carpet has already been installed, you may want to consider staying elsewhere until there are less chemicals being off gassed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: