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Site-Promotion We know that Alexa is one of the authoritative website assessment criteria in the Internet. No matter for link sale, ad sale, website or domain sale, and investment introduction, a good Alexa rank can bring more value to your website. We hope to increase Alexa rank for our website, but before we go to find the way, lets learn the browse rate algorithm of Alexa system so as to understand how Alexa works. When a particular website is ranked, the browsing rate data to be used is based on the cumulative visit record of that site in the past 3 months. That is to say, Alexa publishes the ranking results once every three months. It depends on the calculation of the number of users (Users Reach) and the number of page views (Page Views). Alexa system records Users Reach and Page Views of each website on a daily basis, and figures out the current ranking by calculating the geometric mean value of the three months accumulated value of Users Reach and Page Views. Users Reach refers to number of visitors that come to a particular website through the Internet. It is presented by the ratio of the number of visitors that come to the particular site to the total Internet users recorded by Alexa, i.e. Users Reach=(visitors/total Alexa users)* 100%. Alexa counts one million people as one unit. For example, if we say the User Reach of a website is 2%, it means that among randomly drawn one million Internet users, 20,000 people visit that website. Page Views refers to the number of pages of a particular website visited by the users. It is the total number of the pages browsed by all visitors that come to that website. By taking the average of the number of the pages browsed by each user, the average of the number of independent pages browsed per person per day is obtained. And all visits by the same person to the same page on the same day will be recorded only once. Now we come to how to boost Alexa rank . In fact, the methods are diverse, but all are based on one principle that should be in accordance with the Alexa system algorithm. Such service can be found at Improvealexaranking. Of course it should be stable, safe and effect-guaranteed. With the help of the professional and experienced technical team, the Alexa rank of your web site will quickly be increased as you expect. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: