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An iMac Microsoft SurfaceStudio PC computer to rely on reshaping the new definition of science and technology Sohu – Sohu technology king Xue Ying in October 27th, the Microsoft conference officially launched its own Surface machine — Surface Studio. In addition to the traditional Surface Book and Windows 10 system upgrade, the Microsoft show new built and 3D input device Surface Dial is also quite eye-catching, look Xiaobian inventory for you! 1 really is the legendary Surface Studio one machine to see it at first glance you really think of iMac computer, but at this time a thoroughly Microsoft core. 12.5mm’s slim body with 3:2’s 28 inch screen, Surface Studio can indeed be called the history of the thinnest one machine". In addition to 4500× 3000 resolution, pixel density of up to 192ppi, the most important thing is that Microsoft is also added to the touch screen function! This is accustomed to the era of touch screen users, is undoubtedly a very humane upgrade. In terms of hardware, the Surface Studio uses the sixth generation Core i7 quad core processor, 32GB ram, 2TB PCI-E SSD, GTX980M graphics interface, supports 360 degree camera for video broadcast. It is reported that the product price of $3000, users can also be used with Surface Pen and other supporting hardware. For such a product, most people in the industry believe that Microsoft is an attempt to prove safety of apple, for professional consumers, remodeling the concept of PC. In other words, this time "developers! Developer! Developer!" The slogan was replaced by "creator"! A creator! Creator!" A group — has high dependence on software, a group of professionals in the upgrading of hardware equipment with money. In this regard, TheVerge believes that Microsoft’s definition of Surface Studio is very simple and clear: it can provide not only the mouse and keyboard. For digital creators, the touch function design will bring more of its presentation, and this is the current majority of PC devices – especially iMac can not do. Surface Dial and the Surface module Studio machine 2 guards together unveiled the Dial module — a new way of interactive input torsion disc. The cylindrical design let its can be adsorbed on the screen, users achieve some functions of the mouse by rotating the Surface Dial can read the document, such as zoom, color palette, etc.. If you buy the Surface Pen, then with Dial, hands operation is almost no longer a dream. It is reported that the external module also supports Surface Pro 34 and Sur.相关的主题文章: