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Home-and-Family Is someone following you with an ominous face? What if you stun him? Now the effects of the stun guns and pepper spray are quite similar and yet a bit different. Both of them can perplex the attacker and yet they have a wide difference in terms of their mechanism. The stun gun will stun you anyway. It is an amazing gun that will shock the person at whom you direct it. The greatest part of this gun is that it will disable the normal behavior of the recipient, although it will not cause any long term injury. Naturally, this is the safest means for self defense . Generally, the stun gun blocks the signal that is .municated between the brain and the body and thus disrupts the normal behavior of the person. The electricity that it injects in the body carries a high voltage but with low amperage. This is the reason why the stun gun affects the person temporarily. When a person receives the shock from the stun gun, the electric signal from his brain is mixed with the electric shocks of the gun. As a result, the person is perplexed and he can not initiate motor control over his body. Sometimes, just the opposite reaction can also be seen. In this case, the person goes after excessive work aimlessly for a short span of time. Eventually, this exhausts the persons energy so that he can not move anymore. Typically, the stun gun displays a visual electrical blast followed by a cracking noise. This also catches the attention of the attacker. However, the stun baton is more powerful than the stun gun. It has a huge capacity to shock the attacker. He will receive shock treatment even if he tries to grab your weapon within the 6 shock area from the tip. On the other hand, one can consider the cell phone stun gun that has a back up of 180,000 volts along with a personal alarm in it. Stun guns should be applied to the muscular part of the body such as buttocks, thigh, or shoulder. To get the maximum result, you have to press it continuously for few seconds. Now, the time for the effect will be dependant on the size of the person and the voltage you are using. Interestingly, you will not get any shock even if you touch the person after giving him the shock. One of the safest parts of it is that the stun gun can not cause death. Even if you are using the strongest most powerful stun guns , they will just make the person fall and immobile for a few minutes. It will not affect vital .ans like the heart. However, there are mild risks for those who have a poor heart condition. Basically, there are three different types of stun guns the static charge, the phase induction and the T-Wave. They are all different in the nature of their charges. However, all of them can be effective irrespective of which part of the body it hits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: