Ang Lee returns! Billy – the midfield battle of Lynn widcomm

Ang Lee returns! "Billy Lynn’s war" midfielder Ang Lee new military gear fixed mining real emotional challenge the limits of technology focused military groups scheduled November 11th Sina entertainment news October 10th, new director Ang Lee Billy – "Lynn midfielder war" officially announced Chinese mainland file November 11th, released simultaneously in North america. As more than four years of painstaking work, director Ang Lee once again break through the self challenge limit, using 120 4K 3D frame format beyond the existing film technology of shooting, bring has never experienced screen impressions for the world, with the audience to witness the birth of a new era of film. The film will be held at local time on October 14th in New York International Film Festival, the world premiere. The mainland file November 11th advanced technology opens a new era of film in 3D film has become a film of idiomatic patterns today, the screen flicker problem caused by the low number of frames has become a problem plaguing the industry. Ang Lee, director of the 3D version of the film, said the boy’s fantasy drift was inspired, determined to explore a better way to shoot. The film uses 120 frame format over the existing film frames 5 times, combined with ultra clear 4K and 3D images, will be unable to imagine the future movie screen on the big screen. For the challenges of new technology, director Ang Lee said: "the 120 frame so that the screen without dithering, 4K make more clear picture, plus 3D, you will feel very near future role, the film should be like this." But watch what, director Ang Lee said: "because the amount of information is sufficient, see time would be more focused, also seem to be more comfortable, and your sense of experience will be stronger." In November 11th, the mainland audience will be synchronized with the global watch movie content. The new focus on the military groups to tap the hero behind the true emotions in addition to technology, Billy – Lynn’s war in the middle of the film is also the focus of public concern. In this regard, director Ang Lee stressed: now some people will think I made an anti war film, which is not my original intention, I would like to talk about is the military." Director Ang Lee further explained: "this group of soldiers, for most people is still strange. Soldiers are soldiers, they are not the people of the eyes of the hero, I want more people to understand their true feelings and hearts." Turning to the role of the soldiers in the film, Ang Lee made his own opinion: soldiers were told how to survive on the battlefield, but has not been told how to survive after the war. I think there is a sense of fate on the military, just like the film, in my case, is a kind of fate." "Billy Lynn’s war" midfielder will be held the world premiere at the New York International Film Festival on October 14th local time, then director Ang Lee will carry all creative red carpet. "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" directed by Ang Lee, especially the Joe – Alvin, Kristen – Stewart, Chris – Tucker, Garnett Hedlund, starring Li Chun, Steve, Martin – the dissel special performance. The film tells the story of the 19 year old American soldier Billy – in the heavy casualties of the Iraq war and the victory of his comrades in arms, known as the United States and the United Kingdom in the United Kingdom, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States in the相关的主题文章: