Anhui provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin visited the countryside and village with room and board 3 easeljs

Anhui provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin visited the countryside and village with room and board 3 days – Beijing Li Jinbin in Yuexi County town of Catalpa Dhuta toured the village visits emphasized in building a well-off society on the road will not fall a poor people in the morning of November 12th, the provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin Zi village, Yuexi County town of Dundian Dhuta in-depth visits, the villagers Wang Qifa and one family break his fingers out of poverty after approval of the bill, they rely on the spirit of arduous struggle. Reporter Xu Guokang photo from November 11th to 13, the provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin pomp, in-depth village of Yuexi County town of Catalpa Dhuta Dundian visits, eat together with the villagers live in poverty alleviation, to seek common development plan, rich good. He stressed the need to further implement the series important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping visited Anhui especially important speech, focusing on the precise poverty alleviation, the basic strategy of precise poverty, promote poverty Alleviation Policies and measures to ensure the effective landing, help the poor, really poor, really out of poverty, to ensure full completion of a well-off society in a way not less, not a fall. Toutuo Zi village is located north of Yuexi County, located in the hinterland of Dabie Mountain, mountain Gaoling far from the road. 11 pm, Li Jinbin travelled nearly 4 hours, came to the mountain in the village of catalpa. The villagers live in a camp of Lin, Li Jinbin a door on the master said, I come to your home for three days, give you trouble. We are a family, can not be separated from each other, you eat what I eat, do not treat me as a guest. In the living room after taking a seat, Li Jinbin and Lin took home, asked with concern about family members, village life and production situation. An old saying, have the good policies of the party and the village hull, the villagers out of poverty full strength, life is getting better and better. According to village officials, Zi village, a total of 536 households of 1940 people, of which 276 poor households filing cards in 2014 904 at the end of this year, all out of poverty. The Dhuta scenery, the road on the ridge, near the wheel rolling out, everyone everywhere dishengjin". 3 days, Li Jinbin went to the club from the village to Hezekiah, the end of the village, has visited 21 villagers, the villagers with deep feelings, to the villagers left a deep impression. How to implement the poverty alleviation policy, poor households can not stabilize poverty, provincial Party Secretary has been concerned about the heart. The villagers Wang Qifa home door close to poverty alleviation demonstration households signs, Li Jinbin walked into the sunny courtyard, and one family baizhaozhitou calculated poverty accounts, applauded they rely on the spirit of arduous struggle. The villagers took out of poverty and poverty alleviation manual storage adult glorious card, Li Jinbin took it seriously read, check aid measures. He pointed out that the fight against poverty, it is difficult in precision, into a precise, both to the precise implementation of the policy, continue to consolidate the results of poverty, but also to fully stimulate endogenous motivation, continued to increase the income of the masses. Villagers Liu Shansong home is subsistence allowances for poor families, love perennial sick, his son in reading. Heard that Liu’s volunteer is to apply the agronomy, Li Jinbin praised the boy with ambition, wish your dreams come true, ability to learn, to change the face of his hometown. Poverty caused by illness and poverty alleviation is a hard nut bones". Yu Youjiang, a Xingyue, came to the root.相关的主题文章: