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Apple’s acquisition of a surprising number of start-ups: only to get talent BI Chinese station on August 25th reported that Apple’s acquisition of the number of enterprises is much more than we imagine. Apple Internet Service Manager Eddie · (Eddy Cue) to the library; Backchannel describes how Apple frequently acquired a large number of small firms, and claimed that the acquisition is mainly in order to obtain the small company personnel. Allegedly, a large number of Apple Corp artificial intelligence business personnel are acquired through mergers and acquisitions related small companies. Eddie ·, the library said, in recent years, we buy 20 to 30 companies each year, and the main purpose of these mergers and acquisitions business in order to obtain the talent of these enterprises." In fact, Apple has acquired a large number of artificial Intelligent Company. Apple, for example, recently bought Turi, a machine learning start-up in Seattle, for $two hundred million, founded by a professor at University of Washington. Of course, this is not the only company we know Apple acquired a start-up. In fact, apple recently acquired Emollient, Perceptio and VocalIQ and other start-ups. Average every three to four weeks to acquire a company Apple CEO Tim · (Tim Cook) in the United States has been very straightforward to promote similar acquisitions. Cook said in a conference call on July this year, Apple Corp, we average every three to four weeks to buy a company, we will continue to do so." In April this year, Cook also said, "in the past four quarters, we have acquired 15 companies, in order to promote our products and services roadmap, and we have been concerned about those who have strong technology, excellent talents and the strategy for Apple company." However, from the description of Cook can be seen, the number of Apple’s acquisition of the company and Eddie · library description of the annual 20 to 30 companies, there is still a gap. According to Cook, Apple’s acquisition of other companies is not for revenue purposes. Cook told the Washington Post that Apple Corp acquired other companies, mainly in order to obtain talent and intellectual property rights. Because of Apple’s acquisition of start-ups on a small scale, but also in technology as the main business, therefore, the transaction size is often very small, so the Apple Corp would not need these mergers and acquisitions report to the U.S. Securities and exchange commission. Under such circumstances, these mergers and acquisitions often do not know. Earlier this week, the company (Fast Company) announced that Apple acquired the health data company Gliimpse. Interestingly, Gliimpse has been acquired by apple in February this year, and in a few months, the business was known to outsiders. Perhaps, there may be a number of other similar Gliimpse startups have been acquired by apple, especially those engaged in deep learning or health technology and other popular business start-ups. (compile Jin Quan) [us Bu]相关的主题文章: