As the fire portal in Warcraft effect — Sina hearthstone area

As the fire portal in Warcraft effect — Sina hearthstone flame zone portal as a card copy of Cara praise free not only in the arena of strong, also occupy a space for one person in the master card group. 7 fee solution + Encore will undoubtedly make mage become dependent on the specific spell meal occupation. Cara likes adventure mode night of the new card Firelands portal in the arena is very strong, the mage to further consolidate the position, the security will see some complain of flame furnace treasure portal is too strong, the beginning I don’t understand, then I understand. The thing is, last week, World of Warcraft also opened a return to Cara praise, we saw a lot of Warcraft appears in the hearth, also had a familiar face, Barnes, Moross, chastity, 3S lady chess… But Prince Marc Zar is gone. But most impressed by the security or the only seen in the furnace stone magic. 555555 damage… The hearth 5 damage, wow 550 thousand direct damage (equivalent to about 14 of the volume of game player). And wow is not a spell card a spell card to play, but a group of mobs together cast the Firelands portal (we want to look at the effect of no spell interrupt) and the security team to the magnificent ashes to ashes. The fire is the original portal hearthstone skills, like Finlay · Merkel Dayton jazz, Oracle is the first to the role of soy sauce and then to wow the hearth, furnace stone from world of Warcraft, but hope to see more hearthstone in WOW! (a backpack that is not Sina) statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: