Astrological phenomena 9.19-9.25 this week mercury (map)

Astrological phenomena: 9.19-9.25 this week mercury (map) Original: New Era (The-New-Age); translation: @ Chaldean[and micro-blog translator: @Kasim_FL 2016.9.23 22:51], Venus in Scorpio? Libra Venus Liuhe Mars in Sagittarius (September 19th -10 2): phase is good; it brings opportunities to involve love and the beauty of the scene. Venus emphasizes love, magnetism, beauty and sexy vibes. Mars focuses on consciousness, the use of action, movement and participation, and the control of power and energy. Venus reminds us to bring us the joy we want. Mars reminds us to act with love. Mercury turns direct in Virgo in September 22nd: expect communication to be smoother. Contracts that are not signed can be revised and negotiated more clearly and quickly; parsing and translation may not be so difficult. From now on, there will be more clarity, misunderstandings and delays involved in the weeks ahead. Venus enters Scorpio on Friday (September 23rd -10 18): brings a deep and passionate expression of love. We may focus on life, sex, death and rebirth, and the theme of change. With Venus in Scorpio, strong magnetic operation; love affair is usually warm and well hidden. There are times when the dark side of our love and the fear that we fear are forcing us to sort out these feelings and force us to take strong steps to ensure that we love. In September 23rd of the cancer moon surface emotional attention and understanding to raise additional. We are going to boldly go to test, the courage to get rid of emotional revenge and resentment, and has other types of emotional cancer is no longer useful this round of perfect moon. This is the perfect time to act as patience and listener. But when you feel like someone is trying to manipulate you or waste your precious time, don’t sink in and let someone else take you by the nose. Virgo mercury in Capricorn Pluto (three September 20th and September 23rd -9 26): because Mercury moves forward from retrograde brings hope. Mercury in Virgo enables us to communicate in a very structured, discriminative, and detailed manner. Mercury three Pluto brings a clearer definition of the meaning of destiny, and allows us to communicate more simply about the power struggles that occur around the world.相关的主题文章: