Astronaut Chen Dong a closed to sleep I haven’t seen the aliens nrf905

Astronaut Chen Dong: a closed to sleep I haven’t seen the aliens in October 21st 9 pm, Xinhua News Agency correspondent Chen Dong space in the Temple No. two oral space diary. Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua News Agency provided China astronaut Center) Temple No. two, 21 October Xinhua: "I haven’t met the aliens, no" seasick "Xinhua correspondent Chen Dong space today is to enter the Temple No. two, third days, I’m Xinhua News Agency correspondent Chen Dong space. For the first time into space, I really feel very strange, I feel like the beginning of his body will not control, and can not tell how to walk, how to act. Fortunately there is a scene beside brother help, now slowly adapt to weightlessness, also more and more feel weightless fun. I go to bed at night is very good, because the arrangement of the work is relatively tight, so close your eyes at night will be able to sleep. Dreaming? I think we should do it, because the day so many new things, the evening will be a dream of this weightlessness feeling. Before, I was looking forward to see the scenery outside the window, in fact, in front of the spacecraft when they have seen. I remember, when a left cowl, can see the beauty of the earth from the porthole, also saw a few more eyes. At that time, I also asked the king to see the scenery outside, I said very beautiful, when it was the feeling. Because these two days of work arrangements are still more, can only take the time to take a look at it, but I feel the number of times and the time is still relatively small, I would like to take some time to look at the back. I haven’t seen the sunrise and sunset yet, but the day and night. I think I must find a chance to make up. As for the camera and video, I will do everything possible to stay behind some of the image information, to give me a good memory, but also to show you more beautiful pictures. I heard that the deaf school students in Hangzhou Xu Sidan in the Xinhua news agency client message asked me, have you seen aliens. The child has a lot of imagination. I haven’t seen aliens yet, and I hope to see a "very alien", especially exotic alien. Another child asked me on the ship will not be seasick. Although the ship with a "boat", but like seasickness Never mind too much. Only loss will bring some feeling to the body, should not be seasick, I feel very strange, very good.相关的主题文章: