August car city staged a reversal of its own brand growth of 30% to recover lost territory mp7a1

In August, the independent brand car staged reverse growth of 30% to recover the independent brand Revendication Yang Haiyan [8 month car city staged a guards "reversal, the independent brand passenger car hit a 30% year high growth rate, the market accounted for more than 40%. A careless, independent brand has become the most important driving force for the growth of the car market. August car city guards staged reversal, in the overall market growth rate of about 25% up year-on-year, the independent brand passenger car hit a 30% year high growth rate, the market accounted for more than 40%. You know, in the past for a long time, foreign brands in China’s passenger car market accounted for almost 70% of the share, is the monopoly of the market and the driving force. Independent brands in the gradually recover lost ground, so progress is obvious. Statistics from the National Association of statistics show that, although 7, August is the traditional off-season car market, but to participate in the statistics of the more than and 70 car prices, independent brands have about doubled sales growth of 10. The independent brand of Guangzhou Automobile Group’s trumpchi in August 7, an increase of 103%; SAIC passenger cars in August year-on-year growth of 101%, while the Roewe brand growth of 205%. Sales growth is only one aspect, enhance the overall quality of their own brand is a common industry. Over the past two years, the independent brand in the C-NCAP collision score is increasing, comprehensive safety and quality gradually recognized by the industry. From the distribution structure, although the vast majority of independent brands still rely on SUV to pull, but the good news is that part of the mainstream independent car prices of SUV products, has started to break the price ceiling, get consumer recognition of more than 150 thousand yuan in the market space. In the field of cars, two years ago, a Aihong state has improved, August data exposure, Geely, Chery Yi Ruize 5 and Changan Yat dynamic sales have exceeded 000, imperial and escape is a regular independent car in the million club, but for Chery, Yi Ruize 5 enter the million club is Chery a few years after the transformation, ups and finally harvest "surprise". Comprehensive data by the Federation, the top ten independent car, including geely vision, Roewe 360, sales showed year-on-year growth trend, which, Roewe sales of 360 last month, more than 5000 vehicles, an increase of 150%, in August reached 48 thousand, the annual sales is likely to exceed 80 thousand vehicles this year, SAIC for car sales this year is not a small pull. Through the transformation and upgrading and adjustment of a few years ago, bottoming out independent car prices are simply to win cost-effective way, whether in the traditional technology of power, or in front of the fashion trend, has reflected the advantage. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: