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Australian officials: counter-terrorism need combined with neighboring countries when necessary to call out the army – Military Channel Sohu on 30 August, Xinhua news agency, Canberra: Australian Minister of justice Michael? Said Keenan 30, held in Canberra Summit on national security, terrorism to Australia and neighboring countries to work together. Keenan said in a speech at the summit, the current diversity of the development of terrorism, Australia must be based on the development of terrorism, rapid response. He said the best way to deal with the threat of global terrorism is to work closely with international partners, when terrorists across borders, Australia will support the launch of cross-border anti terrorist operations. Keenan said, Australia is also active in efforts to deal with the growing threat of terrorism, such as allowing the armed forces in the domestic terrorism related intervention and emergencies, actively killing budding in terror. The Australian government is reviewing the anti-terrorism law to ensure that Australian law enforcement agencies and security departments have sufficient powers to actively respond to terrorist threats. Keenan also said that in the past two years, the number of arrests by the Australian authorities arrested on suspicion of terrorism. In the past two years, 47 Australians have been accused of participating in the activities of the terrorist attacks in the United States, with a total of more than and 100 people suspected of involvement in terrorist activities and their passports or visas denied.相关的主题文章: