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Why the new MBP Tucao Look at the story about the type-C interface

Why the new MBP Tucao? Look at the Type-C interface on the love story of the new MacBook van Pro is thin, but to the normal use of the new MacBook Pro, it will inevitably have to collect Apple carefully prepared interface package. You do not take into account the money do not want to run. Apple profiteers! After a lapse of four years, Apple has updated its MacBook Pro design, but harvest a lot of such tucao. Without him, just because Apple intends to use 4 USB Type-C interface to replace almost all of the original interface. This is not to let the expectations of the masses disappointed. In essence, like all technologies, USB has been developing for some time. Although as a "pass" serial bus, but in the market these 18 years, it has evolved a lot of versions, with different transmission speeds and very very many types of connection lines. The implementation of USB forum — it is the company responsible for a number of USB – making standard, has been deeply aware of this problem, and the solution is called a Type-C connection line model. The Type-C interface will replace all sizes of USB Type-A and Type-B interfaces on mobile phones, tablets, computers and other external devices. Type-C will support the new, faster 10Gbps USB3.1 Gen 2 rules, and when the bandwidth increases faster. In the next few years, USB Type-C is likely to become the standard, completely replace the mess in our desk drawer, various types of connections. And for the time being, it just makes us feel more standard. When we are waiting for Type-C to take us from the data line of hell saved or make us deeper into the quagmire, first look at USB these years of experience, and what its standard of competition against, in the future it will continue efforts to overcome technical difficulties what. What has it replaced? (parallel and serial USB, just replace several strange old interface. If you have been using a computer in the last ten years, it is likely that USB will be treated as a matter of course. But USB is still a huge step forward in terms of changing computer specifications and interfaces. If you were in the USB, Pentium and Pentium II in the era of the use of computers, to connect anything to the computer needs to be selected from a large number of different types of ports. Connect a mouse? Maybe you need a PS 2 interface or a serial port. That connecting the keyboard? Or PS 2 interface, Apple Desktop Bus, or DIN interface. A printer or scanner will usually use big old port, if you do not want to use SCSI (small computer system interface), then you can also use it to connect external memory. And if you want to connect.相关的主题文章:

Mobile phone fingerprint recognition of today’s computer also need it footman

Mobile phone fingerprint recognition of today’s computer also need it? Fingerprint unlock function in today’s mobile phone industry can be said that more and more popular, and even one thousand yuan of the following phones are equipped with fingerprint features. Have to say that the fingerprint unlock allows users to enter the password without the need to quickly unlock the phone, but others can not unlock. On the basis of unlocking the shortcut, to maximize the security of personal privacy. Do computers need fingerprints to unlock? So do we need to use the fingerprint to unlock the computer? Yes, the fingerprint is a unique feature of the human body, but also very complex, as the identity of the identification of accurate and reliable.   it’s hard to spy on your computer if you don’t have your fingerprints. Business achievements of the 5000 characteristics of DELL business notebook has lightweight and portable, but it increases the risk of loss or theft, the application of fingerprint identification system, can effectively prevent others from accessing data and network,   compared with the single password access system has a higher level of security authentication. Commercial computers are usually connected directly to the company’s service network, there is a fingerprint identification system protection, you protect your computer information at the same time, but also invisible to protect the safety of public networks. In addition, brush fingerprint access computer more convenient, fast scanning speed, can quickly enter the system, when you need to immediately reply message, check e-mail, or display PPT, you can omit the lost password step. DELL 5000 commercial notebook has a fingerprint recognition module enabled fingerprint recognition system can also avoid the embarrassment and forget the password for security troubles, people usually avoid various websites, computer, such as a bank card is set to the same password, but using different passwords instead of, in the course of time will inevitably occur but forgotten. Fingerprint identification system will always remember your fingerprint, let you feel the secrets.相关的主题文章:

China entered a new stage of the automotive Society refused to drink driving imminent e3300

Chinese entered a new stage of the automobile Society refused to drunk driving – Beijing imminent China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Yan Xiaohong) in September 9, a new stage of Chinese has entered the automobile society, as of the end of June 2016, the vehicle population reached 285 million, the motor vehicle driver up to 342 million people, of which 184 million cars, driving 296 million. While enjoying the fast and convenient car era, while increasing the driver’s awareness of safe driving is also increasingly urgent, which is one of the important work to refuse drunk driving. The road traffic safety association secretary Chinese long Wang Jing 9 in 2016 9.9 refused to drunk driving, "stressed the public welfare activities, in this ecosystem against drunk driving, driving on behalf of is an indispensable link, is the ultimate link refused to drunk driving. Reporters from China Road Traffic Safety Association and other E-Drive organized the charity was informed that, in order to better popularize "refused to drunk driving drunk driving on behalf of" the first "national consciousness, refused to drunk driving day" opened in September 9, 2015. Through the establishment of the 9.9 refused to drink driving day normalization Festival, the country in the past year to create an effective denial of drunk driving atmosphere. According to the 2016 China drunk driving released this charity’s "situation report" shows that since the first China refused wine opened in September 2015 to August this year, last year’s national day driving, driving on behalf of the use of more than 100 million times. The 100 million generation of driving, which means reducing the risk of drunk driving 100 million times, to avoid the traffic accidents caused by drunk driving about about 2 million. (end)相关的主题文章:

Four years ago to withdraw from the United States SUZUKI this time to give up China – Sohu car y580

Four years ago, the United States to withdraw from SUZUKI this time to give up China – Sohu car in recent years, China’s booming car market, the car has long been flying into the homes of ordinary people. However, behind the bustling, small car market is shrinking. As of September this year, small car market sales fell 19.4%. Small cars as the main force of the SUZUKI, but faces no small challenge. Compared to last year’s loss of 390 million yuan, Changan SUZUKI in the first half of the year to achieve a profit of 1 million 830 thousand, but this data is really good to see it? 1-9 months, Changan SUZUKI cumulative sales of 82 thousand vehicles, from the annual target of 168 thousand, as well as half of the journey". Small car? Environment eclipse with the level of consumption upgrade, the small car market has gradually began to shrink. Economic development, driven by the improvement of the level of consumption, in the past the main cheap, really small car, has gradually been eliminated. From the statistical data, the domestic automobile production and sales growth. 1-9 months, China’s auto sales were 19360400, an increase of 13,17%. However, this contribution is mainly from the compact, medium-sized models. SUZUKI sales slump, mainly in India, China and other real estate sales decreased. Earlier, in the car market in India, Yu Yan Alto, but very popular models. In addition, the market for a long time China Alto in the "national car" identity performance after Xiali, now make a living away from home, sluggish sales per month can only sell a few hundred taiwan. Small, micro car market is gradually eliminated is the trend of the times, such as SUZUKI flagship car brand, the most urgent thing is to adapt to the new market environment as soon as possible. The car still? Hope the domestic automobile market, the most popular compact models, the second is the medium level models. Small, mini car is not good, but not without hope. Bao Jun, the exploration of the market has its own hand, 560, the success of the 730 is a good example. In the context of small car downturn, Bao Chun has launched 310, many people have expressed doubts. However, from the actual market performance, Po Chun proved himself again. October, Po Chun 310 received the monthly sales of 11809. 310 success, mainly in the low price, the price of up to 35 thousand and 800, for most people, the pressure is not large. Positioning for the mini car Alto, the price is not acceptable. 4.18-6.19 million, this interval has been able to choose their own brand of small SUV, or even compact car. Moreover, the identity of the joint venture is not the primary consideration. In the small SUV market, independent brands can be said to have an absolute advantage, the price is outstanding domestic killer. Bin Chi, XR-V is a leader in joint venture small SUV market, 1-9 has sold more than 10 taiwan. In contrast, Vitra sold only 28819 cars. As a family of top beam, this result is indeed difficult to climb the table. SUZUKI needs to change? Brand power is limited, to escape the shadow of alto. Japanese land.相关的主题文章:

From the world’s first professional beauty salon HR Helena stands a hundred years Empire beauty 小坂めぐる

From the world’s first professional beauty salon HR Helena has a hundred years since 1902, Mrs. Helena beauty Empire created remarkable beauty Empire, HR Helena has always been adhering to "let science beauty" creed, adhere to the sincere cooperation with scientists from biology, dermatology, medical cosmetology field, along the tip of the product before break the beauty industry boundary. 114 years ago, Mrs. Helena created the world’s first professional beauty salon, first proposed the "personalized professional skin care" avant-garde ideas, beauty products integration and perfect personality of nursing, from leading modern beauty industry toward a new era of vigorous development. In 1937, Mrs. Helena in the Paris is located in Saint Honoré Faubourg 52, beauty salon, innovation launched an electromagnetic treatment, the purpose is to let the guests around the face flabby muscles become compact. Today, adhering to the brand forever "personalized professional skin care" concept, HR Helena presented the cutting-edge technology, the integration of customized services and professional techniques for the exclusive beauty of philosophy. All facial treatment use all Helena beauty products, with the French senior beautician facial acupressure techniques according to the exclusive custom of different series products. Salon spirit, origin of society and enjoy the ultimate in twentieth Century and early twentieth Century Paris, the ladies society love to organize all kinds of art salon. Guests of the arts, literature and philosophy, such as the theme of divergent discussion, from which the spark of art, brewing wonderful atmosphere. Because of the unique appreciation of the beauty of women, Mrs. Helena will salon spirit into the field of beauty. In 1902, Mrs. Helena founded the world’s first professional beauty salon, first proposed the "personalized professional skin care" avant-garde ideas, beauty products integration and perfect personality of nursing, from leading modern beauty industry toward a new era of vigorous development. Sex and City fine to meticulous Carrie Bradshaw is also a loyal fan of Helena, and in Mr. Big will go to Mrs. Helena’s beauty salon for skin care before every important date. Mrs. Helena, Professor of skin care knowledge and practices to Mrs. Helena created the world’s first beauty salon pioneer sharp leading edge technology industry support, it is worth mentioning that, HR Helena for the first time to join fully deserve the field of technology of cell electrotherapy expert Philippe Simonin, launched the skin microgalvanometer scheme. Now the The Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai beauty salon can experience to the popular European royalty "non-invasive micro plastic beauty therapy," Helena hand in the famous Swiss collocation HR LACLINIC MONTREUX beauty institutions jointly launch the "intervention type skincare products, can be comparable to the medical cosmetology nursing experience for the improvement of the pioneer sharp, loose skin and reshape facial contours has remarkable curative effect. This is an unprecedented cross-border cooperation, once again created a new era of anti-aging efficacy. Simonin fine.相关的主题文章: