Autumn, west of Kanas, east of Ulan Buh [eleven] – special tourism Sohu (video) zhongguorentiyishu

Autumn, west of Kanas, east of Ulan Buh [eleven] – special tourism Sohu if I have to pack before winter to Ulan Buh autumn birch leaf yellow when picking up a piece of your Wulanbu series spring green, summer flowers and wild scenery everywhere diffuse autumn winter snow wrapped a riot of colours just for you drunk from more than and 20 years ago, here for the first time, he was fascinated by the scenery here, then again and again three, just to put every one meter sunshine here can deep in the memory. Here was a wilderness, is Nur Ha Che’s campaign for the general paozi here are bloody. It was the hunting of the great Kangxi that made the princess charming. Is Zhang Yimou Zhang Ziyi, "my father mother", Andy Lau’s "Mexican attack" let there be a scenery, is the wave of photographers who now make it become photography creation base, has become a tourist scenic area. Tomorrow is National Day, there will be a colorful fairy tale world, here will leave you the most beautiful memory. Only in the autumn will feel the Wulanbu series feelings you will see just entering the world of the lamb you will meet a scene you will find the Green Cream drunk leaves you will see the splendor of the roots of a string of the flow of light and shadow in the earth around the slightest beautiful morning mist in the water dancing that a piece of falling the leaves in the wind that a jump flying gravel in the earth like pearl sheep walk on the hillside to eat grass in the morning mist Sahuan horse return Mugui Stella floating about a rain that brings not only more cold Northland fairy tale world birds flying South Sung hung grass frozen water here is the toad dam the sunrise here is the general Nur fog here is too yong Sahuan here is the Grand Canyon quiet here is the princess lake sunset here is the rain horse farm Here is the song here is the birch hanging ventilation ditch sunset in Ulan Buh autumn she to show us the most beautiful face never betray my pursuit of the autumn season, comparable with the Kanas only Wulanbu series, comparable with the Wulanbu series only Kanas. [tips] the night of 26 September in Ulan Buh area rainfall, air temperature from 18° a sudden drop to minus 3°, Gaogang zone appeared early in the morning and rime ice. 1, eleven friends on the dam in the morning to wear down jacket, assault clothing, velvet, high mountain climbing shoes is necessary, scarves, gloves is also very important, especially the shooting. 2 this season, windy and dry, lip balm, face cream should have this. 3, in the outdoor Qiemo smoking, smoking, no smoking, said three times the issue of smoking. 4, 29 leaves on the farm, the town is still an estimated eleven oil deck pavement, can use, otherwise must take the tank car. Eleven period, where the hotel needs to be scheduled in advance, booking in advance, to mention money reservation. The price is more expensive than usual, we have to expect. In traffic, or a lot of comity, must not catch the night road. This text, video for the original author, reprint need to agree, not!相关的主题文章: