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Back in 90s the Internet Internet Archive dynamic figure Aesthetics: "old expression package" search engine on line at the site of the drilling technology Sohu Picacho, blowing Sax skulls, running unicorns, rather baffling color rabbit…… In 90s, the dynamic figure now seems strange style on the Internet once popular, the scene of a era of Internet culture. Recently, the Internet Archive site on the line of a dynamic map search system, including millions of GeoCities hosted by the rich characteristics of the dynamic map. This engine was named The GeoCities Gif Search Engine, dynamic map resources from the 90s’s most popular motion picture site GeoCities Animated. GeoCities was founded in 1994, to provide a strange humor action figure is to shut down in 2009. At that time, before the rise of cultural expression package, the short video is limited to technical reasons has not yet universal, multi element mix action figure to express the users the most important text in the outside. From the point of view of the aesthetic perspective, these moving picture is a little difficult to grasp the point of view, but the color and style of the characteristics of the times is very strong, very can evoke our cultural memory of the nascent period of the internet. (risk warning: part of the following action figure may cause discomfort, carefully watch Internet GeoCities) Archive dynamic figure resources engraved into the new search system, the number of dormant action figure will appear in the public view. It is reported that 26 GeoCities website has been re launched, Internet Archive plans to officially announce this new mobile search system next week. Figure from: Internet Archive相关的主题文章: