Beijing six world heritage landscape will explain full-time vandalism banned Scenic Area –

Beijing six world heritage landscape will explain full-time vandalism banned Scenic Area – Beijing, the Imperial Palace, Tiantan, the Summer Palace, the Badaling Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Zhoukoudian Beijing ruins of the 6 world cultural heritage scenic spots in the future, only the "full-time instructors" to explain the general guide will not just explain. In addition, the city will establish a record of uncivilized behavior in tourism, carved in the scenic area, such as a tour and other damage, destruction of cultural relics and tourists will be recorded, scenic areas can be banned from entering. The fourteen meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress held this morning, the second session of the second session of the Municipal People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the draft amendment), the second instance of the Beijing Municipal Tourism commission. Non full-time instructors may not explain in the scenic tourist attractions, holding a big horn tour everywhere, on the sound of people stand it as one falls, another rises. For the same attractions, different guides will sometimes give a wide variety of different explanations. Reporters from the morning of the meeting was informed that in the future, the world heritage area is only "full-time instructors" to explain the tourism team. Standing committee members believe that the Imperial Palace, Tiantan and other 6 world cultural heritage is not only an important tourism resources, but also to promote and display an important representative of the national history and culture. For this kind of scenic spots should be able to demonstrate and reflect the true meaning and essence of the world cultural heritage, scenic content should be more informative, more standardized service. Draft amendments to the city included in the world cultural heritage list of the Imperial Palace, Tiantan, the Summer Palace, the Badaling Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Zhoukoudian, Beijing site and other scenic spots gradually implement the management system for the announcer. Scenic spots should be standardized to explain the content, increase the explanation of the historical and cultural connotation, strengthen the commentator, tour guides, tourism volunteer training. After training qualified personnel, issued by the scenic area staff card. Personnel who did not get the certificate of scenic spots should not be engaged in the scenic tourist team to explain the service. One day trip may not increase the scenic area to replace illegal travel a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, disrupting the capital tourism market order. Finance Committee believes that by increasing the one-day tour traffic lines, improve the day bus service, enhance the ability to facilitate more convenient transportation, can gradually ease the supply and demand contradiction. The illegal acts of cost, a day trip market chaos make prohibitions, is conducive to better regulate the tour management behavior, and investigate illegal tour provides a clear basis for law enforcement for law enforcement. A revised draft of the city to support enterprises to use the integrated passenger transport hub and passenger station, opened a tour to the traffic line of main scenic spots, tourist bus service improvement, increase the train station. To carry out a tour business or service, not the name of a regular travel agency, fraudulent use of public transportation, public places in the hotel, bus stop, Internet tour issued false information, illegal showmanship; not allowed on a full day trip fare, and change the way of increasing replacement scenic tour surcharge tourism projects; not to cheat guide the tourists into the shopping cart; may not induce tourists to buy fake, zhicijiagao goods such as Nan相关的主题文章: