Beijing sold 4 plots of land sold in a new sale price is clearly not allowed to sell within 5 years winlinez

The new Beijing sold 4 pieces of land announced sales price clear within 5 years shall not sell the Beijing News (reporter Zhao Shi) Beijing city planning and land resources management committee before the listing to sell 4 plots, for "9· 30" New Deal "after the first control premium and limit price" plots of concern. Yesterday, the city planning and Land Authority issued second supplementary notice, the provisions of Haidian District Yongfeng three plots of commercial housing sales price of not more than 53 thousand and 400 yuan per square meter, the highest sales price for 56 thousand and 100 yuan square meters; Daxing Huangcun plots the average selling price of not more than 55 thousand and 800 yuan per square meter, the highest sales price for 58 thousand and 500 yuan square meters. Clear 5 years may not be sold in October 13th, city planning and Land Authority issued in Haidian District, Daxing District to sell four plots of the announcement, clear four plots will use the "control premium limit price" way of listing, the supplementary notice on this basis to further clarify the sales price, but also proposed, 4 plots of residential project is the nature for housing, but because of the "control transfer price limit price", in order to prevent the purchase of short-term sale profit, reference from the housing, limited to two rooms and affordable housing re listing of the relevant provisions, clear from the household registration certificate or deed tax certificate, shall not be sold within 5 years. Supplementary notice is also clear, the project in the construction of commodity housing sales should be in strict accordance with the defined sales price and the highest sales price, and sales of commercial housing, not forced tying other services and products, not bundled decoration. 90 square meters apartment layout accounted for 70% of Municipal Land Planning Committee of the relevant person in charge, the 4 plots of land in the limit price, control premium "to sell at the same time, but also the implementation of the" 9070 "policy, namely the dwelling area of 90 square metres of housing area accounted for all housing area ratio by 70%. Municipal Construction Committee official said, will be in the design, construction, trade and other aspects of the construction process of these 4 plots of residential projects to ensure that the quality of its construction and the surrounding ordinary commercial housing projects. At the same time, in order to ensure the effective implementation of the policy limit, the dividend policy to benefit housing needs groups, municipal construction committee will also work with relevant departments to strengthen the construction and management of the project. How to measure the price is – up? To be around for nearly three months than the average transaction price for the project basis it is understood that the 4 plots of land by the city and local relevant departments joint consultation to determine the sales price, the final price to the surrounding projects the average transaction price basis, considering the transfer of land to determine the level of surrounding facilities. The relevant person in charge, the 4 plots of commercial housing price, is to block around the average turnover of nearly three months more than project based on estimates, in order to meet the demand for self occupation, first consider land transactions to be listed a year and a half of the cycle, as well as new houses and second-hand housing price difference, reference project to the land surrounding the new commercial housing projects, or a new year built second-hand housing. Secondly, the elimination of large units, high-end residential projects, the project is more than 144 square meters of ordinary residential. Ultimately, after the selection of the project, the weighted average estimate of nearly three months sales price, as the basis of the price limit. In case of different units.相关的主题文章: