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Beijing four subway lines now purchase new network full buffet in the newspaper news (intern reporter Li Bo) starting today, 7, 8, No. 15 subway line and the Fangshan line all stations, the official start of the pilot self-service ticket recharge, self-service subway lines in Beijing become the first implementation of the. To make the pilot work of self-help line, send post strength to guide passengers to realize self-service ticketing or recharge, early disposal in the event of equipment failure, ahead of the deployment of 1 yuan coins and 5 yuan, 10 yuan notes, provide moneychange service for passengers. At the same time, for each line of station equipment status, spare parts, logo, TVM (vending machine) Zhaoyuan button function and other aspects of the investigation, found problems timely repair. In addition, the subway company has recruited more than 300 volunteers Ping An subway, from November 15th to December 31st, the focus of the pilot station during the peak period of the 4 self-service pilot lines to guide voluntary service. According to the card company responsible person, the passengers to use TVM after successful recharge, 30 days can recharge vouchers, to the station in the subway operation time to find the staff for the invoice. Cheng Gong photo J129相关的主题文章: