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Beijing – VIDEO – Shijiazhuang 90 " " father street selling corn flour to save the love [comment] October 24th morning, Lu Jianhua street intersection in the city of Shijiazhuang and the Huai of the sidewalk, a plane stalls sell jade eye-catching. A young man named Yang Suiwang, from Linzhang County, Hebei city of Handan Province, is a general name of the "90" father, his one year old son suffering from spinal cord inflammation, to raise medical expenses for children, the home has been in debt. In order to give his son to continue treatment, Yang suiwang did all work on the construction site, but due to human settlement is not timely, finally had to be in Shijiazhuang street stall selling corn flour. [the same period] Yang: about 300000 flowers, are borrowed. My mother at home to the corn flour on the inside of our long-distance car, long-distance car pulled me up, do not ask me for money. The child’s treatment costs down to a total of about three hundred thousand dollars, the child can be good, as long as there is money, the children will be able to stand up, every day is a caring person to see children, will help children, sometimes one day is to donate two hundred or three hundred children, sometimes give children can get one hundred or two hundred, I want to say to them (love people say, thank you). [commentary] from time to time there are pedestrians stopped to ask, a lot of good people in the understanding of the situation, will take a bag of ten yuan price of corn flour, leaving dozens of dollars. Some people do not cornmeal, directly put the money away. Shijiazhuang people: I saw on TV, I was looking for that day, did not find, because I saw on TV, my family also has a sick child, now gone. Shijiazhuang citizens: in order to save the children, I hope that the majority of the people of Shijiazhuang, have given their love, to help him. [comment] saw Yang suiwang children reporter at the Hebei Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, according to the child’s physician Huang Mao introduction, after a period of treatment, the child’s situation is much better than just at the time of admission, you need two to three years of treatment. The same period [] Hebei provincial hospital pediatric physician Huang Mao: he (children) from time to time, he would not have the ability to stand, can now help things stand, and that the muscle atrophy also stopped and gradually restored in this phenomenon. One year (health care) one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand. Ai Guangde Chen poetry rain Hebei Shijiazhuang reported相关的主题文章: