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Billy, the midfielder’s war, thanks to the release of the screen to get recognition – China news network, November, 11, Xinhua,, 11, director of the new film, "the battle of the war in the middle of the war," • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Lynn’s war in China, "said the Chinese new year,",, china. Before the release, Li Anxie creative director joe. Alvin, Li Chun held a premiere in Beijing and Shanghai. The two premiere all entertainment star game, movie detonated high reputation, the movie "Billy hot sale results, the Lynn midfield war" has become the "phenomenal movie". Billy – Lynn ‘s war in the Middle East, adapted from the novel of the same name. The protagonist is a 19 year old boy Billy Lynn of Texas, he joined the U.S. Army after being sent to Iraq, and was recalled to receive the award after escape from death in a great catastrophe. On Thanksgiving Day football game at half-time, he and Beyonce on the same stage entertainment superstar and was awarded the medal of honor. But after that, the other veterans of Billy Lin were sent back to iraq. "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" Shanghai conference director Li Anceng three Oscar prize and become a film quality assurance, "Billy Lynn’s war" at the same time the midfielder movie shooting format has far beyond the era, the film is not released to the topic. In the face of domestic industry and audience acclaim, Ang Lee is a humble, has been claimed to be "film students" and "duty" of the film, Ang Lee said: "I am 62 years old and still growing slowly, new technology makes me feel alive. But my time is not too much, so I’m on the new media and new ways of expression, a bit impatient, walk a few steps. I hope I can see more when I’m in service." For the "word-of-mouth storm", Ang Lee said: "these days I am comforted, I like to do things quickly took out, very grateful to be recognized." Beijing premiere for the film industry, the most interesting is the new 3D enabled Ang Lee 4K 120 frame of high specification. But Ang Lee stressed that this new technology is a service for the film itself: "if not because of this technology, I don’t want to take this novel, novel itself by the senses, is a mind, stream of consciousness of the film, and so the new media must set. I am not a science and technology person, I just want to look at the problem with new eyes. Content and technology should not be separated, the final film is still a test of human nature, the inner activity is still the most important." Ang Lee hopes the audience to see the story, do not only pay attention to technology, but can immerse in the story. 3D 4K 120 frames at present only five in the world to show hall (New York, Losangeles, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei), including the Beijing and Shanghai to upgrade a theater, the Shanghai cinema one hall to the highest specifications for maximum screen projection. Shanghai studios and Beijing Bona Studios has started pre-sale, sale the reproduction of "Afanda" enthusiasm. "Billy – Lynn’s war in the middle" with the simultaneous multi – standard release, in addition to 3D 4K 120 frame format, as well as 3D 2K frame, 3D 4)相关的主题文章: