Bingley Lamborghini will miss the Paris auto show public spending cuts antik

Bingley Lamborghini will be absent from the Paris auto show public spending cuts, according to foreign media reports, Volkswagen’s super run brand Bentley and Lamborghini will be absent next week at the Paris auto show. Volkswagen is reduced because of the end of the valve and thus to reduce the cost burden to show the cost of surgery. Volkswagen is currently paying the balance valve compensation scandal and new products development strategy began pulling on the other hand, efforts to control costs. Bentley said on Monday it would be absent from the Paris auto show and turn its attention to a small campaign directly to the buyer. Lamborghini said it was changing its strategy at the show. Auto show is a gorgeous show, especially the luxury car brand often ho throw daughter exhibitors at the show, zhengqidouyan. Most of the money is actually used for entertainment media. If there is no car manufacturers to launch new products, it is difficult to justify the cost. Volkswagen CEO Muller (click to view the latest news) at the September 14th meeting of the staff said the need to re organize the company, to promote profitability and catch up with the development of new technologies. Volkswagen has shifted its focus. Volkswagen will focus on electric vehicles next week. The company plans to release a new electric vehicle mileage (with reference, pictures, inquiries) up to 373 miles, more than Tesla Model and Chevrolet Bolt. In addition, Volkswagen plans to produce 30 electric cars in 2025. Absent this Paris auto show car manufacturers as well as Ford, Volvo, Aston, such as Martin. The car makers will put money into other media activities such as blogs.相关的主题文章: