BMW rose in China to catch up with the U.S. market is not afraid of the Mercedes Benz Electric Car C jessica rabbit

BMW in China to catch up with the United States and the United States market is not afraid of Mercedes Benz electric car challenge, according to Reuters reports, BMW optimistic about China’s market demand, while its U.S. market growth remains sluggish. BMW board member Ian · (Ian) 29, told reporters at the Paris auto show, in the Asian market will enter a single digit growth, but the actual situation is much better than expected, and more than Robertson. In the past two years, the Asian market situation is difficult, but the future is bright. With the American market sales peaked in January, so the company decided to reduce the inventory, have prophetic vision than many manufacturers. Moreover, the U.S. market is expected next year will not have a better performance." When asked whether BMW will be able to maintain its leading position in the field of luxury cars in 2016, Robertson said, "the whole group is ahead of the other 100 thousand. Do you think you can?"" When asked about the introduction of a large number of Mercedes Benz electric car, Robertson pointed out that BMW has been fully prepared in the field of luxury electric cars, not afraid of the Mercedes Benz electric car. When a lot of people looking forward to the future, we have to do it, will continue to develop electric vehicles. To be exact, there are a lot of product development in the company." When asked about the impact of Britain’s removal from Europe, Mr Robertson said demand had not been affected.相关的主题文章: