BMW X6 m official price cut 230 thousand to 1 million 928 thousand (video) nrf905

BMW X6 M official price cut prices by 230 thousand to 1 million 928 thousand 2015 BMW X6 (M ginseng, pictures, inquiry) recently the official price, BMW will be the official guide price of 1 million 928 thousand from 2 million 158 thousand to 230 thousand am, the whole. 2015 BMW X6 M guidance price models the current price (million) decline (million) X6 M192.8 BMW X6 M 23 general accelerated competition war Range Rover Sport SVR 2015 BMW X6 M with other more exaggerated appearance of the M-Sport sports package, the car becomes more aggressive is the inevitable result. BMW M department also offers two exclusive paint for car, including Long Beach blue (long beach blue) and ash (Donington Gray) donington. Can choose 20 inch and 21 inch wheels, with 20 inch wheels, Pirelli P Zero tire, the tire specifications for 28540 R20; 32535 R20. 21 inch wheels equipped with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire specifications for 28535 R21 and 32530 R21. Interior, the new car continues to BMW family design, and with M exclusive logo steering wheel, as well as other interior components to the user that the new identity. But there is also Merino leather material as optional items. Power, the 2015 BMW X6 M equipped with V8 4.4T engine, the use of twin turbo technology, the maximum power of 423kW (575PS), the maximum torque of the new car is 750Nm; matching 8 speed M Steptronic gearbox. The new rules also have the M four-wheel drive system, the new one hundred kilometers acceleration 4.2 seconds, top speed of 250km H. As a performance model, the new car upgrade is more than. BMW M Department upgraded suspension system and reduce the ground clearance of the 10mm, and have M with the speed of steering system and suspension movement, and equipped with high performance deep blue brake system, and with the three modes of dynamic damper control system, providing a comfortable, exercise and Plus (Sport+) three optional mode.相关的主题文章: