British media comment Wang Jianlin, China’s largest bubble in the history of the property market do

British media comment on Wang Jianlin "China bubble history": not pessimistic original title: Wang Jianlin "housing bubble" cited hot British media: natural process, not pessimistic [Global Times reporter Wu Zhiwei Global Times special correspondent Wang Yi] "this is the largest in the history of the bubble, 28 days to accept financial CNN channel (CNNMoney) interview, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin commented on the current real estate market bubble China. Foreign media interpreted this as a serious warning to China’s economy. Bank of China issued a report on the 29, said the Chinese economy in 2016 in the three quarter of the overall stability. Investment, consumption and industrial production and other indicators have stabilized, the downward pressure on the economy eased. Wang Jianlin in an interview with the U.S. media also said he was not worried about China’s economic hard landing possible. The Financial Times said that if there is no such as the real estate market this year, the frenzied boom, China’s economy may become more healthy. In China, the word "bubble" has become particularly sensitive in China, after a sharp economic growth and a slump in the stock market last year, CNNMoney said. Last year, the stock market crash had a headache for retail real estate now also visible before the eyes, also let a person headache. Wang Jianlin rely on real estate fortune, now he has warned Chinese real estate is out of control. Wang Jianlin said in an interview, the biggest problem is that China’s real estate, real estate prices in major cities such as Shanghai continued to rise, the domestic tens of thousands of small cities are falling prices, vacant housing. "I don’t see a good solution to the problem," he said. The government wants a variety of ways, such as the purchase or limit the loan, but are not effective". CNNMoney commented that there is a big worry China, economic slowdown, credit is rising sharply, and heavily concentrated in the real estate market. According to capitaleconomics data, as of the end of June, the real estate sector directly accept the loan amount has reached 24 trillion yuan. Wang Jianlin said: "the problem is that Chinese economy has not yet bottomed out, if excessive deleveraging, may be bad for the economy, so China had to wait until the economy on the rebound of the track, and then gradually reduce leverage and debt." Wang Jianlin has been warned about the housing market for some time. Broadcasting British Corporation 29, said Wanda Group in the gradual reduction of its real estate business, will invest in resources that they think there is growth potential, including entertainment, sports, tourism, etc.. Singapore today reported 29 commented that urbanization and real estate to promote the development of China’s economy. Wang Jianlin’s position is the world’s second largest economy sounded the latest alarm. The British "Financial Times" said that the current round of skyrocketing housing prices China Pandora’s box has been opened, many people have this crazy property market and the stock market last year compared to the "shock wave". The article said that speculative real estate prices continue to rise in large cities in china. On the three or four line of the city, the industrial structure of the vulnerable population, ills absorb the lack of ability and the "pie" development model determines the city’s real estate market in the short term is difficult to turn back, to Chinese property market inventory is still a long-term and arduous task. "The outside world.相关的主题文章: