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But let father brother rob sick brother staged a family of three were arrested – Sohu News newspaper news (reporter Tian Xin) a family of two twins, without the worry on the sly, no bad habits. The boss in the robbery to father for help, hudu anxious father unexpectedly let go to the top of the package. Because were suspected of robbery and the crime of harboring, a family of three have been approved the arrest. Twenty years ago, Malinde farmers in the mountain area of southern Ningxia twins, the eldest son of Ma Ping, the second is called ma. Ma Ping was very naughty, occasionally also do underhanded things. Maan was weak, never trouble, say to her parents obey in every way. In August 25th this year, Ma Ping was involved in a gang robbery case in Xingqing District, the spoils obtained a Samsung mobile phone. After the incident, the culprit Wang and several accomplices have been arrested, and Ma Ping became a fish escaped through the seine. After the incident, he will return to the origin of the night fled, rob told father Marin, and in prison can not find daughter-in-law grounds, hope the father to help him. Although Ma Lin earnestly, but scolded him at home after acquiescence. That night, Ma Lin began to think about the countermeasures, he felt the second Maan suffering from congenital physical disease, even if married is no fertility, family responsibility family needs to rely on the eldest son of Ma Ping. I think of the second to top package idea, Ma Lin thought his son had no criminal record, nor sentenced caught too heavy. The second day, Ma Lin brothers convened to discuss countermeasures. Ma Pingxian tells the time and place of the robbery, the victim’s facial features, the property and his accomplices, and so on. The incident to the police according to Wang and other suspects confessed, fiddling, came to Ma Ping place, see the police, put on a public face of Marin, tugging at the collar of Maan said: "he was involved in the robbery of a fish escaped through the seine!" Because the principal Wang usually used to call Ma Ping "little girl", did not know his name, did not know that Ma Ping had a twin brother, so Ma an identified was identified as a partner, get away. In the prosecutor’s questioning, top package things soon the cat out of the bag. September 24th, the police in accordance with legal procedures, the case transferred to prosecutors for approval. The contractor case prosecutors of Ma an interrogation, but found its expression is unnatural and evasive, even resentment, the statement and the fact that there is a big discrepancy in the details, and Wang explained quite different. Prosecutors told the case of the seriousness of the social harm and punishment after the prison, Ma ANN can not sit still, truthfully confessed the details of the top package, and for the brother Ma Ping. After the trial, Ma and truthfully confess their crimes. In October 13th, Ma Ping suspected of robbery, Ma Lin and Ma were suspected of harboring crimes by the Xingqing District Procuratorate approved the arrest.相关的主题文章: